7 Things you should do/visit in Medan

Medan is capital city of north Sumatra and the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. Medan is also called multicultural city, because many kind of ethnics and cultures lives together in harmonies. Such as Batak, Karo, Melayu, Javanesse, Indian, Chinese and others.

North Sumatra is famous for holiday destination such as Lake Toba ( Danau Toba), Samosir, Berastagi, Lawang Hill ( Bukit Lawang) and etc. But,many not know that Medan capital of north sumatra also have many to offer for tourism, from their culture, some historic place, food and even shopping place.

1. Istana Maimoon ( Maimoon Palace)

Maimoon Palace is one of the well – known landmark in Medan.  Build in years 1887 – 1891, the palace is where Sultan of Deli Lives. Nowadays, Sultan is no longer any official power. My last visit to the palace in when I am secondary school. It is interesting place, you can see many things inside including try the king and queen costumes.

Price: The entrance fee is Rp.10.000.
Open: It’s open everyday from 08.00 am – 18.00 pm.
Located : Jalan Brigjen katamso, Medan

2. Mesjid Raya Medan ( The Great Mosque of Medan)

 It is build in 1906 by Dutch architect A.J. Dingemans. The Mosque’s architecture style is from Middle East, India and Spain. Masjid Raya Al-Mashun or often called Masjid Agung Medan is located about 200 m ( 20 minutes walk) from Taman Sri Deli and Istana Maimun. It is open to public but please remember to wear some polite clothes ( no short pants) if you would like to visit inside the mosque.
Price: It’s free but it will be good is you could give some donation.
Location: Jalan Sisingamangaraja, North Sumatra (located not far from Maimoon Palace).

3. Rumah Tjong A Fie (Tjong A Fie Mansion )

Located in the old busy area of Kesawan, Tjong A Fie Mansion is the most popular Chinese peranakan house in the city. In this place you can see the historical and cultural heritage Peranakan Chinese – Indonesian. As for tourism you also can enjoy various facilities such as a photo gallery of the past , the executive lobby lounge , boutique and museum cafe serving Peranakan culinary specialty recipes.

Price: The entrance fee is Rp.35.000, per person.

Open : The house is open every day include Sunday from 10.00 am – 17.00 pm. It’s closed on public holiday.

Located : Jl. Jend. A. Yani, Medan, Sumatera Utara 20111, Indonesia /located in  Kesawan area

4. Kuil Sri Mariamman ( Sri Mariamman Temple)

It is the first Hindu Temple with Dravidian style in Medan built in 1881 by The Tamilians in the city. Kuil Sri mariamman is located in Kampung Keling ( Kampung Madras) near the Sun Plaza,Medan

Located: Jalan Zainul Arifin / Kampung keling ( Kampung madras)

5. Museum Gedung Archa/ Museum Negeri provinsi Sumatra Utara ( North Sumatra Museum )

The Museum of North Sumatra is build in year 1954 and officially inaugurated on April 19th 1982 by Mr. Daoed Joesoef, the minister of education and culture. The Museum has a 6799 collection, which consist of replica typical animal Sumatra, replicas of ancient human fossils , dioramas of pre-historic life , as well as a variety of pre – historic tools .

In the museum, you also can found some collection such as Dutch colonial era tooling, a model of colonial figures and replicas of old Medan city life, replica of traditional house of ethnic in North Sumatra, traditional and modern weapons , traditional medicine , paintings of heroism and wartime propaganda posters . And lastly , photographs and paintings of the hero and former governor of North Sumatra also collected here.

Price : The entrance fee is only Rp. 3000

Open : Tuesday – sunday  at 08:30-12:00 dan 13:30-17:00 and closed on Monday and public holiday.

Located : Jl H.M. Joni no. 51 Teladan Barat, Medan.

6. Medan Food ( Eat, Eat,Eat)

Medan is famous place for eating and a paradise for food lover. Medan people like to eat especially for supper ( late night eat). Medan offer many type of food as result of multicultural ethnic lives in Medan. So, while you in Medan why not try some local food.

1. Kampung Kelling

Kampung kelling is famous for they food especially Indian food. As for food lover who like to eat at night or late night/supper there’s is place in kampung kelling called ” kuliner pagaruyung”. Located in Kampung kelling, jl cik Ditiro or near SMUN 1 medan there is few Indian restaurant which sell Indian food such as nasi briyani,mutton biryani, martabak india, dosei, chapati, naan, tanduri, roti cane, papadam, curry,  chicken Tandoori, chicken tikka massala , thali set with chicken curry, and also Paneer Curry. As for drink try their teh tarik and juice jeruk kesturi ( orange juice). The restaurant also offer some food for vegetarian.

Besides Indian food, kampung kelling also offer other food from other ethnic such  as chinese food, melayu, Javanese, and other kuliner nusantara. You can find nasi goreng, martabak, pangsit, ayam penyet, nasi padang, sate padang and kacang, lontong, mie goreng ,mie rebus, kerang rebus etc. If you came to this place don’t forget to try  Martabak telur India ( near SMUN 1 Medan) and  especially Nasi goreng in shop near Sri Marriaman Temple and Sun Plaza. It is have different taste compare to other place and it is cheep.

 Open: Kuliner Pagaruyung open start 18.00 – 23.00 pm

Indian restaurant( jl cik ditiro) 11.00 am – 22.00 pm

2. Merdeka Walk

Merdeka Walk is a place of hangout in Medan. It is street food area located in Lapangan Merdeka. You can enjoy the historical buildings with beautiful architectural while enjoying dinner at this place. The food selling here is rather expensive.

Open: From 11 A.M – Midnight

3. Jalan Semarang

Jalan Semarang, Medan is famous place for selling spare part of automotive during the day. As for the night, this place is famous for their food stall selling food especially Chinese food. This place have been operate since 1960. Open start at 6 pm until late night jalan semarang one of the favorite place for food lover who enjoy late dinner/ supper.

Although most food sell here is Chinese food, but they also offer other type of foods which halal ( no pork). There is few type of dishes sell here such as Chicken rice, Hainan duck rice, capcai, babi panggang , pangsit, mie goreng, nasi goreng, sate, shell, frog, snake, vegetable rice, lontong sayur, martabak and etc.

Located : Jalan Semarang Medan

Price : Rp 20.000 and Rp 30.000

Open : 19:00 – 23:00 pm

4. Pasar Rame

Located in Jalan HM Thamrin, Medan, pasar rame is one of the famous and crowded market in medan.The market is  selling almost everything from vegetable, meet, food, clothes, make up, accessorize, bag, shoes, and etc. Almost everything you can find here.

Besides shopping, pasar rame is also famous for their food stalls. There is desert, little cake, dried fruit  (manisan) and drink such as Es Campur, Es Teller, Es Koteng and etc. As for food, pasar ramai offer porridge, pangsit, mie rebus, keatiaw goreng kerang, mie kangkung belacan, nasi babi panggang, chicken rice, sate padang, nasi goreng and etc.

One of the famous dishes sell here is Mie kangkung Belacan ahai and sate padang ( near the entrance gate of Thamrin shopping mall). The Sate shop is already open since 1985 and not offer only sate padang but also sate kacang ( peanut sauce). As for the meat, you can choose from chicken, beef, shell, even inside part of beef such as beef tongue,the intestines, lung and etc.

Open: Start from early morning – 17.00 pm

7. Shopping

Although not like Jakarta, Medan also offer many place for shopping.

There is few mall in Medan :

– Sun Plaza

– Milleneum Plaza, sell most handphone and electronic device

– Thamrin Plaza ( near Pasar Rame)

– Medan Plaza, one of the oldest mall in Medan.

– Medan Mall

– Plaza Medan fair (Careffour)

– Hongkong plaza

– Grand palladium

– Central point and etc.

As for traditional market,here’s some of them you should visit:

1. Pasar Rame(Rame Market), sell everything from clothes, shoes, bags, accessorize, make up, kids toys, household kitchenware, food, vegetable , fruit, meat even bra and underwear you can buy here.The price is relative cheep compare to the mall. But remember to always bargain.

2. Pasar Petisah (Petisah Market). It’s combine of traditional market and modern market. The market is selling vegetable, fish, meet accessorize, clothes,electronic, furniture, fruit, and also traditional hand craft. It’s famous place for selling dried fruit (manisan).

3. Pusat pasar/ Pajak central is one of the oldest traditional market in medan. The market have been exist from the era of colonial.

4. Pasar Ikan Lama (Old Fish Market). Not like the name, Pasar Ikan Lama is not selling fish. The market is quite famous for the place selling textile.

Note: If in most area/ province in Indonesia market is mean ” Pasar”.  In Medan, people called market / pasar as “Pajak” Example: Pajak Petisah, Pajak ikan lama and etc.

Medan public transportation is called  mini bus as Sudako or Angkutan Kota (Angkot). The motorized rickshaw is called as Becak Motor (Bentor) or Becak Mesin in other area/province in Indonesia.

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