Public Transports in Jakarta, Indonesia (Transjakarta/Busway)

1.1Busway stop Gelangang Remaja1Yeah…finally I am back to blog! I have been busy these past weeks but I am glad now can come back to write. During these few days, I have traveled a lot and most of the time I am using public transport (Transjakarta/Busway). At that time, I am thinking to make this post as I remember when I was traveling to other countries, I try to search they local public transport. I prefer public transport compare to taxi in the foreign countries apart it is more cheaper I also can see and learn the local culture. I think the most easily to see that is when you take their local public transports.

1.Traffic in JakartaDKI Jakarta is a province and the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is famous for their bad traffic. The reason for this traffic is because Jakarta as the capital city and main of Indonesian economic has become the favorite place to work and live either for people in Jakarta, area surrounding Jakarta known as jabodetabek or other province. Other than that, many roads and highways in Jakarta serve the entire city, with the development which unequal number of cars with the road number. These two things become the main cause of many roads in Jakarta is prone to misfire (traffic jam). The traffic often occurs in the morning and afternoon at the time people went to work or back from work.

It‘s also one of the things that I don’t like about Jakarta. The traffic jam is so bad; you can spend a lot of hours in traffic itself. Aside from the traffic, Jakarta same like other city in Indonesia generally have few types of public transports.

• Bajaj

Bajaj is traditional public transport in Indonesia. Bajaj is a three-wheeled motor vehicle which is widely used in Jakarta and and other city, districts and area in Indonesia . It is similar vehicles are known as Tuk-Tuk in Thailand. In Jakarta there is two color of Bajaj, the orange and blue. The capacity of passenger is two to four people depends to the size of the persons. Bajaj is known as  for their noisy engine sound and smoky. To improve this, they come out with bajaj BBG (the blue color bajaj) Compare the orange one, the Blue color Bajaj BBG is little bit more convenient, environmental friendly less noisy and less smoky. There is no fix fares for bajaj, all depends on your bargaining skills !

• Bemo

Same like bajaj, bemo is traditional public transport in Jakarta. It is another noisy vehicle and now the existence is very limited and used only in limited areas of Jakarta.

• Bis(Bus)/Kopaja

KopajaMetro mini Jakarta
Bis(Bus) is the most common public transport in Jakarta and it is servicing many routes in Jakarta. There’s few type of Bis such as Metro Mini, Kopaja, Kopami and air conditioned bus like Mayasari and Patas AC. All the buses have set routes, fares but not set stops and schedules so sometime you need wait quite long. Buses do not necessarily stop at bus stops, it is stop wherever they can pick up a passenger be it in the middle of the road or on a busy intersection. The fares is depends on the distance or if you not sure ask other passengers. Many buses are in bad condition, not comfortable and worst reputation for poor drivers. Bis passengers are also often the target for robberies, street singers, and beggars. So be careful!!

As for the route you can found on the front and back of each bus, along with a route number. If you are not sure which bus to take, search in internet or ask people. It will help if you can speak Indonesia language. Another type of bus is the Inter-city buses serve to other cities in Java and Sumatra (bis antar kota). In Jakarta there are few biggest bus stations (Indonesia called terminal) Pulau Gadung, Kampung Rambutan, Lebak Bulus, Blok M, and Kota.

• Transjakarta (Busway)

Busway APTBBusway Bus gandeng1
Transjakarta or known as Busway is mass public transport in Jakarta. Operate since 2004, Busway have serve many routes (koridor) in Jakarta and area surrounding Jakarta (Jabodetabek). Not like bis and other public transport in Jakarta, Busway is only stop in the busway stop. Busway is more comfortable and convenient than normal bus apart it is air conditioner , they have they own line so more faster. However, there is no schedule when busway come so sometime you need wait quite long. Other than that, same like other public transport in Jakarta you still need be careful to the pick pocket in busway. Beside busway there are also other public transport which operate in the same line like busway or often known as Transjakarta integrated transportation such as Kopaja AC dan Kopami AC and Angkutan Penumpang Terintegrasi Busway (APTB) which serve the area surrounding of Jakarta (Jabodetabek).

Transjakarta (Busway) operated from 05.00 am – 22.00 pm daily and some route (koridor) serve 24 hours.

As for the busway ticket, firstly you need to buy the card Rp. 20.000 plus the credit Rp.20.000. If you have already the card then you can top up with min amount Rp. 20.000 . The busway ticket price is only Rp 3.500.

Tranjakarta / Busway Map:


Tips how to see the Busway map:

For example, your destination is Monas (Monumen National), you can take busway rute Blok M – Kota and stop in halte Monas or rute Harmoni – Pulogadung stop in halte Gambir 1. As for the guide how to know the nearest busway stop/halte to your destination, you can use Indonesian street directory.


For more details: or for APTB routes and fares (Information is in Bahasa Indonesia).

• Kereta Rel Listrik (KRL)/ Train

IMG-20160728-WA0007Kereta Api Listrik
Kereta Rel listrik ( English electric locomotive) or often known as KRL Commuter line is mass public transport in Jakarta. The KRL operate from early morning until night serve mostly the area surround Jakarta (Jabodetabek).

There is few routes of KRL commuter line (Map Above):
• Red routes       : Jakarta Kota – Bogor, stop in Gambir, Manggarai, Pasar Minggu, dan Depok.
• Blue routes      : Jakarta Kota – Bekasi, stop in  Gambir, Manggarai, dan Jatinegara and etc.
• Yellow routes  : Circle Jakarta; Jatinegara -Bogor and Jatinegara – Depok, stop in Pasar Senen, Kemayoran, Tanah abang and etc.
• Green routes   : Jakarta Kota- South Tangerang/Bogor/Lebak, stop in Tanah abang, Kebayoran Lama ,Serpong, Maja and etc.
• Brown routes   : Jakarta Kota – Tangerang, stop in Grogol, Kalideres, Rawa Buaya and etc.
• Pink routes      : Jakarta Kota – Tanjung Priok port.
• White routes    : Feeder, serve jakarta kota, Tanah Abang, Karet, Sudirman, Manggarai.

Apart from the KRL, there is also train routes served other province such as Bandung and other area in java.

• Mikrolet / Angkot

Angkot or Mikrolet Jkt
Angkutan kota or Angkot ( Jakarta known as Mikrolet) is public transport in Jakarta and Indonesia generally. Mikrolet or angkot are smaller vans/mini-buses that serve set routes on big and smaller main roads. Mickrolet is not stop in bus stop; they can stop to take or drop off the passengers in anywhere. This is also one of the reason why Mikrolet often known as the cause of traffic jam.

The fares for mikrolet are variety depends on the distance traveled. Usually the min fares start from Rp.3000 – Rp.7000. The beginning and end points of the routes are visible on the front and back of each mikrolet or angkot, along with a route number. For example, Tanah Abang – Meruya M11

For the routes, you can check ;

• Ojek

Ojek is motorcycle taxis and almost have function like “becak” serve from main roads into housing complex which usually not serve but other public transport. Because of traffic in Jakarta, Ojek is often known as the fastest form of transport. There is no specific place to take ojek, but usually there is a lot ojek in intersection. Remember, by Indonesia law all motorcycle passengers should wear helmets and although normally ojek drivers should have a spare for you to wear. As for the fares better bargain before you get in. In Addition, there also online Ojek such as Gojek, Grab bike and etc. It is more cheaper with fix fare rate however yoou need to download the application in your phone.

• Taxi

If you looking for the convenient, air conditioned, comfortable and safety public transport in Jakarta then you can take taxi as the option. There is a lot taxi in Jakarta and the fares start from Rp.7000 to Rp. 7500.

• Kapal (Ship)

Kapal penumpang Pulau SeribuKapal Speed Boat
Indonesia is an archipelago and to accommodate the connection it is needed the sea transport. There are several types of passenger ship/ boat use in Indonesia . In Jakarta alone an alternative system transportation through the river has been built with the name waterways . The ships used for connecting Jakarta , Jakarta river suburb areas and some smaller surrounding islands , including the island of a thousand ( thousand islands ). The sea transportation used are KM Kerapu III, KM Kerapu IV, Ferry, Ro – Ro ship, boat, canoe and etc. Ship Roro ( roll – on / roll – off ) is used to transport trucks , passenger cars , motorcycles and other passengers. This transport is a popular choice among Java to Sumatra in Merak – Bakauheni , between Java and Madura and between Java and Bali .

Other than public transport i mention above there is still many other traditional public transport in Jakarta and Indonesia such as becak, canoe, delman and etc. Delman(horse-drawn carriages) are getting harder to spot in Jakarta and other big city in Indonesia nowadays.


– Jabodetabek is the acronym of  the area surround Jakarta  (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi).

– If you take public transport in Jakarta, where there is no fix fares, remember to bargain the price before you take a ride.

– Prepare yourself with small change if you would like to take some public transport in Jakarta like bis, ojek, bajaj, bemo, becak  and etc.

– Always be careful with your belongings because the passenger of public transport often become target of pick pocket, robber and other criminals.


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