Holiday in Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh – Indonesia.

1. Sabang pulau Weh

Sabang, Pulau Weh (English: Weh Island) located in Aceh or the most northern tip of Sumatra island (the northernmost outpost of Indonesia). Pulau weh is situated in the Andaman Sea and the water in Sabang is a meeting place for the Indian Ocean and the Strait of Malacca.

Weh Island is famous for its beautiful underwater ecosystem and diving tourism. There are a variety of coral reefs in the island know as habitat for many species of fish . Also not to be forgotten there is a big mouth Sharks and habitat Bufo valhallae frogs ( genus Bufo ) whose status is threatened.

3. Snorkling, Sabang -Pulau Weh5. Sunset in Sabang, Pulau Weh

Terumbu Karang,Pulau wehSabang , Weh island is offers a variety of tourist attraction and activities such as diving , snorkeling, climbing volcanoes , beautiful beach and resort , clean and blue sea water, green trees, mountain and etc. It’s beautiful place to spend your holidays. In Sabang, there are many places to visit, one of them is Iboih. Iboih is famous for its white sandy beach, enchanting underwater scenery and as a location to swim under the sea . While Rubiah is well known for diving tourism , because of its coral reefs and reef Batik for those who like to diving to a depth of 35m. Gapang Beach convenience for backpackers with modest culinary stalls and accommodations , however has a dive resort.

Price for rent boat from Iboih to Rubbiah :

-Speed boat type glass bottom boat Rp.350.000 and
-Normal speed boat around Rp. 150.000 per person.

**Rent snorkeling equipment Rp. 40.000/person
(Most hotels are equipped with diving and snorkeling gear)

8.0 Accomodation Sabang, Pulau WehInn in Iboih

Another beaches is Anoi Itam beach with its black sandy beach which just half hour drive from Balohan Port. There is also Pantai Sumur Tiga (English : the Beach of three wells) known as variety of resorts and bungalows situated just minutes-walk from the beach, and ranging from very affordable to high-end. Type of accommodation in Sabang mostly is resort and bungalows although there is also hotels and other types of inn. As for food and souvenir shops in Sabang open only at certain hours.

Budget for accommodation in Sabang :

-In Pantai Sumur Tiga, prices range Rp.290.000/night (Bungalow)

-In Iboih, the price ranges from Rp.400,000/night(type Inn ) and Rp.800.000 /night (Resort)

Danau anaek laot, Pulau wehBenteng Jepang, Pulau Weh

Besides beaches and underwater scenery , tourist also can visit other tourist attractions such as Jaboih , black anoi Japanese bunkers , monument 0 km Indonesia , Sabang hill and aneuk laot lake and many more. Aneuk laot lake is the source of waters for the Weh islanders. It is also offer beautiful view especially on sunset. Jaboih is known as Sabang’s ‘ mini volcano ‘, although this geothermal area is not even a mini volcano . Also there is black Anoi Japanese bunkers built in the year between 1943 and 1945. The bunkers are used to be connected by tunnels that are now closed due to security s good . And Lastly but not least is the monument 0 km Indonesia which is located exactly right on Rondo Island , Sabang the most northern point of Indonesia .

How to get to Weh Island :

2. Sabang , Pulau weh

As for tourists who like to visit Sabang , weh island in Aceh can take plane with the destination to Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport (SIM) , Aceh. SIM is the nearest airport to Sabang, Weh Island. From here, head to Ulee Lheu port, which is located close to the center of Banda Aceh . In Ulee Lheu port take ferries or fast boat to Balohan (Weh Island ‘s ferry harbor ). Other Routes , if you from Medan , north Sumatra can take a bus/car to Aceh . The trip take around 9-12 hours depends on the type of bus or car and condition of the roads.

Price for ferry or boat from Ulee Lheu port to Balohan:
– Ferry Rp. 25.000 /person and
– Fast Boat Rp. 85.000/ person.

Price for the bus from Medan, North Sumatra :
– Non stop bus Rp. 270.000 / person ( Approximately it takes 9 hours journey)
– Economic bus Rp. 170.000 / person ( Approximately it takes 12 hours journey)

 TIP :

In Sabang, Weh island there are no public transports. From Balohan you can take taxi or a minibus sharing taxi or the best alternative, you can rent vehicle or car with driver which can bring and show you to some beaches, accommodation and other tourist attractions. At that time, my friend rent car type L300 with price Rp. 600.000 per day (price is depends on condition and type of car).

The Location of Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh is very unique because it is adjacent to three countries namely Malaysia , Thailand and India . Therefore, from Sabang you can take a fast boat to the Langkawi Island , Malaysia . For more information and price , please check their personal website .

If you came to Sabang, try also to visit the city of Aceh. Of course if you have more time! There are few places which tourist can visit in Aceh such as Masjid Raya Baiturrahman , Tsunami Museum , Boat in the top of the house , PLTD Apung (English: Diesel Floating) which an electric generator ship in Banda Aceh, Mass graves of tsunami victims in Ulee Lheue and many more.


– Thank you for my friends Tetty and her sister Mey – mey for the info and pictures.

– If you want more info or the rent car person in Sabang, Weh island , Aceh – Indonesia you can email me to



One thought on “Holiday in Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh – Indonesia.

  1. wita…..kenapa nama ku kau sebut…:)
    tapi,thanks buat tulisan nya ya..
    1 info lagi,buat yg mau belajar diving,di sabang lebih sulit dapat sertifikat diving,karna langsung terjun ke lapangan(laut bebas).dan kota SABANG terkenal dengan moto “Santai Banget”, jadi toko” souvenir dan makanan di kota Sabang hanya buka di jam tertentu saja.
    akhir tahun 2015,yok ke SABANG ??


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