Glamping in Lagoi Bay-Bintan Island, Kep.Riau


Have you heard about Bintan Islands? If yes, what it will be the first time come out in your mind?? Well, as for me it will be the beach and expensive resorts. Although, I am correctly right but is not all true, Bintan Islands offer more than that. It was our family trip to Lagoi Bay, Bintan Islands, Riau. In the beginning, I rejected to join this trip, as I though there will be nothing special over there. I did some research but still nothing is satisfied me until finally my sister able to pursue me to do this trip. So, here’s my little adventure to the Lagoi Bay, Bintan Island.

Bintan Islands is one of the biggest island in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. It is part of the Riau Islands province, which exactly located not far from Singapore. Maybe that one of the reason why there is so many resort in Bintan Islands owned by Singaporean. Bintan Islands itself for me is almost same like other city in Indonesia but the differences is that you will find out there are strong influence of culture, religion  and languages from Melayu and Chinese ethnic.


Another things about Bintan Islands is their resorts known as Bintan resort. Bintan Resorts offer many attraction for tourist to relax and enjoy your holiday. Apart from their beautiful resorts there are also serviced apartment, beach, nature, recreation park, sport activities either it is in water or land, golf courses, nature and jungle track, plaza Lagoi, spa relaxation, restaurants and etc. However, I think the most of their beautiful resorts is located in Lagoi Bay Bintan. Well, I didn’t said that other resorts outside the Lagoi Bay is not so beautiful but it just felt like they more private and exclusive. To be honest when first time come to Bintan Resort, I felt like come to the private island inside the Bintan Island itself. Bintan Resorts is separated from the rest of Bintan by a barbed wire fence, and land access to the rest of the land is via a single security checkpoint. So, can you imagine Lagoi bay private??In Lagoi bay there are few resorts such as Swiss-Belhotel, The Canopy and etc. Frankly speaking about restaurants, we have been recommend by our local guide to try the Kelong seafood restaurant  and Chadis Rooftop Bar in Swiss Belhotel Lagoi Bay. Unfortunately, we didn’t have opportunity to try it.

The Canopi Room

In Lagoi Bay Bintan, our family decide to stay in The Canopy which known locally for their big swimming pool. Well, yes they have very big swimming pool I think it is about 6.3-hectare (biggest in South East Asia). Inside the big swimming pool or also known as crystal lagoon line up few water sport activities such as Cable Ski, Floating Water Park, Jetovator, Sailboats & Kayaks, Water Bum Boat, Stand Up Paddle, Underwater Scooter, Boat Ride, Island Hopping and etc. Other things maybe I can highlight for the Canopy is for their unique room, which is in tent. It is like you doing camping however, the tent is very beautiful and comfortable and they have bathroom!! yeah for that ^-^ They also have private mangrove river where you can do Mangrove kayaking or just have walk.

Transportation in Bintan Islands

BTT(Batam)-Tanah Merah( Singapore)Jpeg

The local transportation can be very tricky sometime. It is also what happen to us, when we first time come to the islands. Lack knowledge, less information and not doing more research maybe one of the reason we had bad impression how complicated it is the transportation to Bintan Resort. Bintan resort have they own ferry terminal known as Bandar Bintan Telagan (BBT). BBT serve the ferry from Singapore and Batam. Travel by ferry from BBT to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore or either way is just 1 hour 45 minutes. The price is about Rp 450.000 one way and Rp 500.000 for return trip.

Basically for me the transportation from Singapore to Bintan or either way are more easy and comfortable compare to the one from Batam. However, if you are domestic tourist or either international tourist which come from Batam then they are few things you need to know. I would said, it will be the port which where you can take the ferry to BBT and the ferry schedule. Batam have few ports and each port serve different destination so be aware, but don’t worry just mention to the taxi driver that you would like to go to BBT. We arrived in Hang Nadim Aiport Batam around 11 am and by the taxi we go to Telaga Punggur port in Batam. Punggur port is the only port in Batam which serve ferry to BBT. Please also be remember that this ferry is travel 4 times a day in a schedule time. So, if you missed up you need to take other option. Well, it is the true what happened to us when first time come to Bintan Islands. We had missed our ferry and we wouldn’t want to take the 4.30 pm ferry so we go to other port in Bintan Islands known as Ubay. It is only 45 minutes journey by speed boat. The price is Rp.50.000/ include tax. However from Ubay to Bintan Resort we need to took car around 45 minutes – 1 hours journey. As for the cost is about Rp.250.000 – Rp. 350.000 per car or taxi.

It was long journey for all of us to arrived in The Canopy, Logoi Bay-Bintan. But, if i could remember now, it was fun and experimental of course it is not my thinking at that time. Believe me!! Anyway, we enjoy our trip to the Island despite there are few unsatisfied things. Overall, it is good trip especially for our room which is in the beautiful tent.^-^ Enjoy for those who planning a trip to Bintan Resort or Bintan Islands!!! And don’t forget to bring your passport for those who planning to visit or continue their holiday in Singapore.

For more information about Ferry schedule ( Everyday):

Batam(Telaga Punggur) to Bintan (BBT Ferry Terminal) : 07.30 / 11.30 / 16.30 / 18.30
Bintan (BBT Ferry Terminal) to Batam (Telaga Punggur): 06.30 / 09.00 / 14.30 / 17.30

Ticket Price*
Public : Rp 110.000
Children (2-5 years) : Rp 57.000
BBIR Pass Holder : Rp 70.000
Infant (< 2 years) : Rp 7.000

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