48 Hours Backpacking in JB-Singapore


The journey is continue and the next stop are Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia (JB). After spent leisure time in Lagoi Bay-Bintan Island, enjoy the nature, camping and swimming now the time to do more city traveling. From Bintan Islands we move to neighbor countries Singapore and continue to JB, Malaysia. I would rather called this kind of trip as Backpacking. We explored this two country for the less than 48 hours with the minimal budget, use public transport and bring around our bag.^-^ It was tired, yes I will be honest but it also fun and we experienced a lot things.  So, here my experience backpacking in the two country for the less than 48 hours.

street gravity bugis

Singapore or also known as Lion city is located strategically between Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. As one of the developed countries and the largest transportation hub in southeast Asia, Singapore is often as favorite destination for tourist. Of course there are many other factors that Singapore can offer to attract the tourists. But, apart from that, the strategic location of Singapore which very near to Riau, Indonesia and Johor Bahru (JB) Malaysia is another things which make the people from both countries or either international tourist to visit Singapore.

As the Sun get more rise, time show almost 10.30 am, it is the time for us to say goodbye to our resort in Bintan and go to the ferry port in Bintan resort. From BBT port in Bintan Islands we gonna continue our trip to Singapore. As I mention in post https://witaworld.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/lagoi-bay-bintan-island-kep-riau/ the trip from BBT to Tanah Merah Singapore took 1 to 1 hours 45 minutes. We arrive in Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal around 12 something and after the custom clearance we rushed go to bus stop in front the terminal to go to Tanah Merah MRT station. We need to catch up with the time as we doesn’t have many time and still need to cross travel to Johor Bahru, Malaysia before late night.

Our first destination in Singapore are Bali lane and Haji lane where are many small little cafe located as well as the street gravity. It is nice place, I like the vibe and atmosphere in here it is kind remind me of street/lane in CBD Melbourne, Australia. For those who like to visit the place, the Bugis MRT station is just nearby. After spend sometime scroll around, it is time to go to Bugis junction. I think it is one of my cousin and sister favorite place as for me it will be the time for eat. Not far from Bugis juction there is Queen street bus terminal where you can take bus to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. Of course you also can take from other place but as we are in the area we decide to take the bus from here. It is just 10 – 15 minutes walk to bus terminal but we need the long queue to get in into the bus as at the time show 6 o’clock which mean pick hour people back from work. As for the information, there are three type of bus serve from Singapore to JB (CIQ or Larkin Bus terminal ). They are SBS transit 170, Causeway link and Singapore Johor – Express.

JpegFinally after the long journey and queue in Queen street bus terminal we arrived in Woodlands. Woodlands is the Checkpoint & Customs, the gateway to Johor, Malaysia. So, prepare your passport and also don’t throw your bus ticket because after doing checkpoint and custom you will take the same bus to Johor Bahru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ). Yes the other checkpoint and custom !! Basically Woodland to CIQ pretty near it just take 10-15 minutes. After arrive in CIQ, JB central you can either continue to take the same bus to Larkin Bus terminal or just stop there. As for us which had booking hotel in Jalan Wong Ah Fook, we decide to stop in CIQ, JB Central. After do check in and take some rest for a while, we going out from our hotel to looking for the food. The first plan is going to flea market (Pasar Karat) but we couldn’t find the way and as stomach can’t be control finally we decide to eat in Hawker food in near Wong Ah Fook Road exactly in Meldrum Road.

legoland-malaysiaIf we are talking aboout Johor Bahru, what is your favorite tourist attraction? Well, I think every person have different answer but one think for sure Johor Bahru is identical or known as place where the first Legolands in Southeast Asia. Thus also one of the reason we visit this country. Leaving from hotel at 11 am we going around for a while to the shopping complex near the JB central. There are few shopping complex in JB but for me i will said there is nothing so special it almost the same like others shopping complex in other city in Malaysia. As time show at 1 o’clock, It is the time going to Legolands. To Legolands you can either took bus from JB central station or take taxi. After playing and took the picture it is time to leave Legolands and continue out trip. However, before that we took some time to look around the Johor Bahru city. Sultan Iskandar Building and some shopping complex is our next destination to visit.

JpegSultan Ibrahim Building is a former state secretariat building of Johor. Build in 1940, the building was one of the historical place in JB. The Building is located not far from Jalan Wong ah Fook or Johor Bahru city center. If you come from Jalan Wong Ah Fook then take way to the Plaza seni, from there go to the second floor by lift and then go out from  the car park you will see in front of you Plaza Kotaraya, Galleria and in the right Kuil Kuno Johor and in the left is Sri Raja Mariamman Temple. Go straight to the Sri Raja Mariamman Temple and on your right at the end of the road you will see the Sultan Ibrahim Building.

JpegIt was late afternoon, it mean time for us to leave the city. My sister, nephew and cousin will continue they trip to Malaka and Kuala Lumpur and as for me I took other direction which is going back to Singapore before finally be back to Jakarta, Indonesia. Same like how come to Johor Bahru, we need go through two checkpoint and custom in CIQ, JB and Woodlands before finally arrive in Singapore. However,this time instead going to Queen Street bus Terminal, I took the other direction. I am going to Kranji MRT station using the SBS transit 170. Kranji MRT station is pretty near from woodland it just like 10 minutes. The reason I took this direction as my next tourist destination in the country is to saw the Merlion which located not far from the Raffles Place MRT station.












It was take sometime from Kranji MRT station to Raffles Place MRT station. However, it was quite comfortable and after arrive in Raffles place MRT station I am going out to G and H exit and then walk straight to the Fullerton Hotel. The Merlion is located exactly back of the Fullerton Hotel. There is a lot people in the Merlion place of course is not surprise right!! After take sometime to enjoy the view and took some photo, I took walk distance going back to Raffles Place MRT Station. I need to catch up the time as the last MRT to the Chiangi Airport will be at 11.35 pm. Well, yes my next destination will be the airport, time to going home… ^-^ But before that, I stop and take some time to rest in Starbucks where located next cross of the road not far from Merlion or exactly in front of Fullerton Hotel. The Starbucks coffee shop in here had been built since 1971 and was first Starbucks shop in Singapore.

I had spent almost 40 hours go around Johor Bahru and Singapore. It was very tiring especially we do backpacking. But, I will said all is worthed of course despite there are few unsatisfaction we did experience a lot things. I also experience back become solo traveler after my last trip in Bukit Lawang, Medan-Indonesia. As for the next 8 hours before I leaving the country I spend in Chiangi Airport. There a lot things to see and do in Chiangi airport well I bet you all know about that. I did enjoy this trip and see you again in my next post about traveling!!! ^-^

Note : If you planing to do backpacking, do some research and always remind in mind to be brave. If you don’t know the place ask the local people but then my other suggestion better ask more than one people. Then Enjoy your trip and be preparing to experience more.








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