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How to Say alphabet in Indonesia, English and French


Learning new language can always be exciting but it also mean you need hard work to remember the word, grammar, numbers and the alphabet. Every language have different alphabet and the pronunciation. What it is writen sometime is not same with the sound. In below, I have write the alphabet and how to pronounce it based on three language Indonesia, English and French.

Indonesia                                      English                                               French

a = a                                               a = ei                                                    a = a

b = be                                            b = bi                                                    b = be

c = se                                             c = ci                                                     c = se

d = de                                            d = di                                                    d = de

e = e                                               e = i                                                      e = e

f = ef                                               f = f                                                      f = ef

g = g                                                g = ji                                                    g = je

h = ha                                            h = eich                                                 h = af (ash)

i = i                                                 i = ai                                                       i = i

j = je                                               j = jey                                                    j = ji

k = ka                                            k = kei                                                   k = ka

l = el                                               l = el                                                      l = el

m =em                                        m = em                                                  m = em

n = en                                          n = en                                                     n = en

o = o                                             o = eu                                                     o = o

p = pe                                           p = pi                                                     p = pe

q = ky                                          q = q                                                      q = ky (Que)

r = er                                            r = ar                                                     r = er

s = es                                            s = es                                                     s = es

t = te                                            t = ti                                                       t = te

u = u                                            u = you                                                  u = y  (Uly)

v = ve                                          v = vi                                                     v = ve

w = we                                        w = double you                                    w = doubleve

x = ex                                         x = x                                                       x = iks

y = ye                                         y = whay                                               y = igrek

z = zed                                        z = se                                                     z = zed






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