10 Inspirations Life Drawing Art_Quotes & Saying

Life_Positive Thinking Quotes & Saying

Here’s inspiration quotes and saying about live, love, felling, people, happiness, angry, sadness etc. All was designing with support of picture and Abstract drawing or art which sometime difficult to understand. Read about Abstract art :https://witaworld.wordpress.com/2016/03/27/the-meaning-of-abstract-art/?preview_id=860&preview_nonce=87b09544f2&preview=true

Jpeg                                                                               ” I Miss You Dad”

Jpeg                                                                 “Imagination & Felling”

"Pisces"                                                                               “Pisces”

Life_Angry Emotional Quotes & Saying                                                                          “Angryness”

Love_Life Quotes & Saying                                                                           “The Stars”

Life Quotes&Saying                                                  “Every picture have their own stories”

Jpeg                                                                                “Flowers”

P_20160901_185630_HDR_1_1_1_1_1                                                                                     “Lets Go”

Music_People Quotes & Saying                                                                  “People & Judgement”



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