30 Types of Indonesian Drinks, Beverages & Desserts

Es Buah

Indonesia is tropical countries with two season, wet and dry. Dry season is means warm tropical temperature or Hot weather. Others is Wet season where rains falling through the day and night. However basically the weather in most part of Indonesia is warm except in the highlands or village. Thus, weather condition have influences to Indonesian foods, drinks and culture. One of the Indonesian culture in hot weather is to consume cold drinks, beverage, juice, deserts and ice cream. However, We also have hot drinks for cold or wet temperature. There are many type of Indonesia drinks such as tea or coffee, fruit juices, hot sweet beverages and a lot type of ice (Indonesia known as “Es”) which also usually classified as desserts. Deserts in Indonesia can be types of rujak (sweet or spicy fruit), Ice (es) such as Ice cendol, Ice Kelapa as well as sweet desert such as Bubur candil etc. So, here’s the 30 lists of Indonesian Drinks,Beverages and Desserts. Bon Apetite and Selamat Mencoba!!

1. Es Campur

Es campurEs Campur is one of the famous Indonesian Ice desserts. In Indonesia es campur is sold from humble traveling trolley(street food) to restaurants. Es Campur which in english means mix ice can be found in most part area of Indonesia. Es Campur almost has the same pattern with ABC ice in Malaysia and quite similar with es teller and es doger however with different content and flavor. The main Ingredients to make es campur are coconut milk mixed with palm sugar added with various fruit such as jack fruit, avocado, grass jelly, sea weed, cassava tapai, green rice flour jelly, red bean, condensed milk and others. Es Campur usually served cold with shaved ice. It is had sweet taste and smell of coconut and palm sugar.

2. Es Kacang Merah

Es kacang merahEs Kacang Marah or English called Red Been Ice is Indonesian deserts originally from Manado. This desserts look simple however have nice flavor and sweet taste. Es Kacang Merah made of Red bean as the main ingredients added with white sugar, water, salt, vanilla, palm sugar, chocolate powder, coconut milk or milk and cornstarch. It is served cold with shaved ice and last touch usually pour with syrup and sweet consented milk. Ice Kacang Merah can be found in most part of Indonesia especially sold Manado foods. It is also available in the neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

3. Es Cendol

es cendol

Es Cendol is one of Indonesia famous traditional dessert which also popular in Southeast countries such as Malaysia,Singapore,Brunei, Thailand etc. Basically, the ice main ingredients is Cendol known as swollen green worm-like rice flour jelly. The green rice flour jelly are made of rice flour,water and pandanus leaf formed by filters. Then,it is mix with coconut milk, palm sugar, jack fruit and shaved ice or cube ice. In Indonesia, es Cendol usually sold by street vendor, food courts, humble traveling trolley as well as restaurants. Es Cendol can be easily found in most part area of Indonesia however in java area es Cendol known as Es dawet. Es Cendol also can be served with chocolate condensed milk and diced jack fruit or durian flesh.

4. Es Teller

es telerEs teller is Indonesian desserts like fruit cocktail. Basically Es teller is made of mixed fruit like Avocado, jack fruit, coconut meat added with other ingredients such as grass jelly, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, red tapioca pearl, pandanus leaf, coco pandan syrup and sugar.  It is served cold with shaved ice.



5.Es Shanghai

JpegEs Shanghai is Indonesian old desserts which very famous in the oldies time. Well, it is also still famous nowadays and one of my favorite ice desert. The name of Ice shanghai is quite unique as it is similar with the name of Shanghai city in China. Does that mean this ice originally from Shanghai, I have no idea but it is one of Indonesian desert which sold a lot mostly in Jakarta and area of Java. Es Shanghai is made of grass jelly, jack fruit, avocado, coconut meat, cendol (green rice flour jelly), cassava tapai, red tapioca pears,sugar palm fruit (in indonesia known as kolang kaling), shaved ice added with cocopandan syrup and condescended milk as topping.

6. Es Koteng & Sekoteng

Es Koteng Sekoteng

Es Koteng and Sekoteng are Indonesia traditional  desserts which quite popular consume by Indonesian people. Although have the similar name both beverages have different taste and pattern. Sekoteng is originally from middle of java and usually served warm or hot. Sekoteng are made of ingredients like peanut, red tapioca pearl or Pacar cina and slice cutting of bread added with palm sugar and ginger. It is usually sold by street vendor or humble traveling trolley during the night. Meanwhile, Es Koteng is served cold with ingredients such as corn,nata de coco, peanut, sugar palm fruit(kolang kaling),green jelly, red tapioca pearl, longan and liquid sugar etc. It is had fresh, sour sweet taste and add with shaved ice.

7. Es Doger

Es DogerEs Doger is Indonesian dessert specialty from Bandung, West Java. It is made of coconut milk based shaved ice beverage added with red tapioca pearls (Indonesia known as pacar cina merah delima),cassava tapai, black glutinous rice (ketan hitam),syrup, diced bread and plain (white) condensed milk or chocolate flavored. It is has sweet taste with pinkish color at the bottom and chocolate color on the top. Es Doger mostly sold by traveling vendor carts but some also available in restaurant especially in Sunda food. Es Doger mostly available in Java area such as Jakarta, Bandung,Surabaya and Malang.


8. Es Pisang Ijo /Es Palu Butung

pisang-ijo-ice-dessertEs palu butung or also known as Es pisang Ijo is traditional dessert and drink from Makasar, South Sulawesi. Although originally from Makasar, Es palu Butung also available in other city of Indonesia such as Jakarta or other restaurant which served typical Makasar foods. It has fresh and sweet flavor with interesting serving mix of pink coco pandan syrup in the top of shaved ice added with sweet condensed milk or coconut mill, and sugar. The main things which identical with es Palu butung is the green covered banana which made from banana and rice flour mix with pandanous leaf.

9. Wedang Ronde

 Wedang RondeWedang ronde is one of Indonesia traditional drink from Java. Wedang is mean drinks in english. Wedang Ronde is made of ginger water added with small color ball called ronde which usually made from rice flour. It is usually served hot / warm and added with grill peanut, sugar palm fruit (kolang kaling) and small cut of bread.

 10. Es Buah / Sop Buah

 Sop buah es-koktail-buah
Sop Buah or Es buah or in English called Fruit mix ice is the Indonesian type of desserts like cocktail. In contrary although hold almost the same name Sop Buah have little bit difference with Es Buah in content, color and maybe the flavor. However, both use the same ingredients such as liquid sugar and the mix fruits bit such as honeydew, pineapple, papaya, strawberry, squash, jack fruit, grapes and others. It is usually served cold with shaved ice or ice-cube and syrup. Es buah usually is use lychee syrup meanwhile sop buah use strawberry or coco pandan syrup added with condensed milk. Both types of es buah have sweet flavor. Sop Buah is not available in the area of Sumatra such as medan instead you will find es buah meanwhile in Jakarta or java area you will found often Sop Buah.

11. Kolak Pisang

Kolak Pisang UbiKolak Pisang or English known as Banana Kolak is an Indonesian Traditional desserts. It was made of banana, palm sugar or coconut sugar, pandanus leaf which all ingredients boiled with water. It is very easy to make at home and have sweet flavor with nice aroma. Kolak Pisang can also be added with other fruits or other ingredients such as sweet potatoes, cassava, jack fruit, pumpkins, plantains, tapioca pearls, and kolang kaling (sugar palm fruit). It is usually served warm but also can be served cold. Kolak can be found in most part of Indonesia either in restaurant, street food (warung)or in market stalls.

12. Bubur sum sum

bubur-sumsumBubur sumsum is Indonesia traditional desserts which made from rice flour, coconut milk, pandanous leaf and palm sugar. In English Bubur means Porridge however bubur sumsum basically known as desert better than porridge. The reason maybe because the sweet flavor in Bubur sumsum but both have soft, chewy taste. You can found bubur sumsum in most area of Indonesia although nowadays is a bit difficult to find this food. Usually it is sold by street vendor, humble traveling trolley, market stall, food courts and also available in some restaurants.

13. Bubur Kacang Hijau & Bubur Ketan Hitam

Bubur Kacang HijauBubur Kacang Hijau (green bean) and Bubur kentan hitam (black glutinous) are Indonesia traditional desserts. It is usually served hot or warm and have sweet nice taste and chewy soft taste like porridge. For more details; https://witaworld.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/50-type-of-indonesian-street-food-and-snack/#more-410

14. Es Kelapa

Es Kelapa Muda_JerukCoconut Ice or in Indonesia called Es Kelapa Muda is Indonesian desserts and beverage. It is usually served cold with ice cube and you can found it in the most part of Indonesia. Although sometime in big city you will have little bit difficult to find it nevertheless, don’t worry they still served it in restaurant as their menu. Besides the original, es kelapa muda also have other variety such as added with palm sugar or white sugar, orange juice, lemon or sweet condescend milk (susu kental manis).

15. Bajigur

Wedang BajigurBajigur is Indonesia traditional hot beverages originally from Sunda,West of Java. These drinks usually served warm and have similar taste and flavor like Bandrek or Wedang Jahe. Bajigur is made of palm sugar, coconut milk added with little bit of ginger, salt, cinnamon and vanilla.


16. Es Cincau

Es Cincau Hitam Es Cincau is simple and popular Indonesian traditional dessert. The main ingredients to make these drinks or desert are “cincau” known in english as grass jelly. The cincau you can found in supermarkets or market or you can make it by yourself. These Cincau then mix with coconut milk, water, sugar, pandanous leaf, ice cube and also can be added with jack fruit, milk or condensed milk. Es Cincau sold in food court, humble traveling trolley, market stall and restaurants in all part of Indonesia.

17.Bubur Candil

Bubur-CandilBubur Candil is one of specialty desserts and food of Indonesia. It is had sweet taste and chewy texture. Bubur Candil is almost same like Bubur sumsum however Bubur Candil identical with the small round ball made of rice flourand lime betel known as Biji Sesalak. Then for the sauce is mix of palm sugar, coconut milk, salt, water, rice flour, pandanous leaf and daun jeruk purut. Bubur candil mostly sold in market stall but also available in restaurant or food courts in Indonesia.

18. Rujak

Rujah buahRujak are traditional food made of fruit or vegetable and popular known as salad. Besides Indonesia, Rujak or Rojak also can be found in Malaysia and Singapore. There are so many type of Rujak, such as Rujak buah, Rujak serut, Rujak Juhi and etc.Every type of Rujak can have different ingredients but usually have sour, spicy sweet taste. As mention above, Rujak are made of mix types of bit fruit or vegetable, and then added with the sauce made from palm sugar, tamarind, chili, lemon, peanut and sometime use little bit of terasi (shrimp paste). The fruits or vegetable use are papaya, guava, water apple, raw mangoes, yam bean, apples, pineapple, cucumber, star fruit and etc.

19. Lahang

Minuman LahangLahang is Indonesia Traditional beverage made from “nira”. Lahang have sweet fresh taste and very popular in Sunda people. To make this drink is not easy process maybe therefore lahang one of the beverage that quite difficult to find the existence nowadays. Lahang beside as beverages also served as desserts. Lahang  is good for health and it have ion which can add the energy for those who drink it. Other things which makes it more interesting is lahang keep it in the big bamboo (lodong bamboo) before served and sold it. As for other information lahang is ingredients to make palm sugar therefore this drink really have sweet taste but also one things to remember it is ingredients to make “Tuak”. Tuak is Indonesian traditional alcoholic drinks.

20. Bandrek

Bandrek original Bandrek susu

Bandrek is one of Indonesia traditional hot beverage or drink. Originally it is from Sunda,West of Java, however now it has been spread around Indonesia. Bandrek also now available in sachet sold in supermarkets. Its have sweet and spicy taste as result of ginger. Other Ingredient includes palm sugar, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, lemongrass, and sometime black paper added. Bandrek also can be added with milk it called “bandrek susu” or milk Bandrek. It is usually consume at night or raining /cool weather.

21. Tapai

tapai ubiTapai Pulut

Tapai or tape is fermented food known as sweet sour dessert or as mix ingredients for Ice desert or other recipes.It is found throughout East and southeast Asia. As fermented food, Tapai have alcoholic paste and also used to make alcoholic beverages.Tapai normally made from cassava, white rice, or glutinous rice which cooked, cooled to about30°C, mixed with ragi tapai , covered jar and then fragmented in 2 -3 days. It is have sweet sour taste and little bit of alcoholic smell.

22. Es Lidah Buaya

Es Lidah BuayaEs Lidah Buaya or in English known as Ice Aleo Vera are healthy drink or beverages good for health. These drink mainly made from aleo vera added with water, sugar, salt, vanilla, lime betel, coco pandan syrup, basil seed, nata de coco or kolang kaling (sugar palm fruit), pandanous leaf and ice cube. It is have fresh sweet taste and chewy texture. Es Lidah Buaya only sold in specific place but some available in food courts or restaurants. Alternatively you can made it at home.

23. Wedang jahe

Wedang-jaheWedang Jahe or in english mean ginger drinks is indonesia hot beverage or drinks made from ginger. Wedang which means drink usually consume in cold weather. Wedang Jahe is almost have the same taste like original bandrek however it is more simple and spicy as only made of ginger water, palm sugar, pandanous leaf, little bit salt and lemongrass.


 24. Es Timun Selasih

Es timun SelasihEs Timun Selasih or in english translated as cucumber basil seed Ice is one of Indonesian cold beverages. The main ingredients are cucumber added with water, basil seed, and melon,coco pandan or strawberry syrup. The cucumber used to make this ice is only the main part or the meat (without the seeds) then it is shaved /diced or cutting into small thin slices. It is usually served cold with cube ice. You can found this ice in restaurants or food courts.


25. Manisan (Fruit and Vegetable sweet)

manisan-buah-manggaManisan buah and vegetable or in English called sweet fruit and vegetable are Indonesian desserts made from fruit and vegetable which mix with sugar. The process is soak the fruit or vegetable in solution of sugar in some period of time. There are three types of Manisan; Manisan Basah (Wet Manisan), Manisan Kering (Dry Manisan) and Acar. Acar is mix of fruit and vegetable soak with water,sugar,salt, lemon, chilli and red onion. The funny thing about Manisan is the original taste of fruit can be change. For example originally mangoes which are sour become sweet after the process of manisan.

26. Es Merah Delima

es-merah-delimaEs Merah Delima is Indonesian desserts like ice campur, es teller etc.One things maybe to be highlight is the use of merah delima or english known as red tapioca pearls. Es Merah delima is made from starch or sago strach,food coloring, vanilla or coco pandan syrup, coconut milk, grass jelly, jack fruit, nata de coco, shaved ice and sweet condensed milk on the top.

27. Es Kopyor

es kopyorEs Kopyor maybe not really known like other beverage or desert but this drink has nice sweet taste.Es kopyor also considered as one of Indonesian culinary heritage.Es Kopyor made from kopyor coconut which is soft jelly like coconut flesh added with coconut water, sugar, coco pandan syrup and ice cube. Kopyor or coconut flesh gets it from the abnormal development of coconut sport or coconut mutant. It is different from normal coconut and  kopyor coconut have more sweet taste compare to the normal one.

28. Kopi (Coffee)

Ice Kopi Kopi

Coffee is one of the most common and popular drinks and beverages in Indonesia. Most Indonesian people will drink kopi (coffee in english) in one day either it is in morning, afternoon or late at night. In Indonesia, coffee served hot or cold and can be added with sugar and milk. Those type of coffee mixed with hot water and sugar known as Kopi Tubruk. Same like tea, you can found coffee anywhere all around Indonesia even it is sold a lot in supermarket.

29. Teh (Tea)

JTeh tradisional kemasan dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia, Jumat (7/8). Kompas/Lucky Pransiska (UKI) 07-08-2015ust like coffee, Teh or in English known as tea is the common and popular drink or beverage in Indonesia. There are so many types of tea such as green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, ocha, thai tea, tea tarik, slimming tea and etc. In Indonesia tea basically served in few pattern known as hot tea (teh hangat),sweet iced tea (es the manis),teh pahit or tawar (without sugar).  All variety of tea sold in restaurants, food courts, warung (street vendor) all over Indonesia. Even you also can found many of type of tea sold in supermarket.

30. Fruit Juice and Vegetable

Aneka JusJuice or in Indonesia called Jus is a liquid (drinks) made from fruits and vegetables. Juice is one of the most common and popular drink and beverage consume in Indonesia. Besides it is good for health, juices also have fresh, nice unique taste from sweet to sour. Fruit or vegetable commonly uses for juice are orange, avocado, tomato,apple, watermelon mango and etc. It is usually served cold with shaved ice or Ice cube.



There are still so many types of Indonesian drinks, beverage and deserts not mention above.I only highlight the top,unique, popular and most common consume one. Other than that, I also dint highlight Alcoholic beverages either it is traditional or local made such as tuak (palm wine), Bir Cap tikus (traditional alcoholic beverage from Manado),Beer Bintang (local brand beer), Brem (Sweet alcoholic beverage from Bali) and etc.

Just to remember, Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country which in Islamic dietary laws prohibit alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, in some part of Indonesia such as Bali you can consume beer freely.


More update articles about food and traveling specially Indonesia please check my other blog : https://witaworlds.blogspot.com/?m=1


Thank you ^()^



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