15 Types of Penang-Malaysia Beverages & Deserts.


Penang is food paradise for food lovers“. That’s unquestionable as Penang offer nice tasty & variety style of foods, drinks and deserts with affordable price. If they said pretty shoes bring you to the nice place, then a nice foods & drinks taste you to experience the world. Thus, specially describe penang as the place that bring you to experience the mixture of culture to their cuisine either it’s Malayu, Chinese, Indian or Peranakan (Nyonya style).

JpegI had highlight in my previous article about Penang or Malaysian foods you need to try if you visit the country. Then, here’s I will be highlight about the drink, beverages and deserts you need to try. Penang, Malaysian drinks, beverages and deserts maybe mostly will be the same like those what they have in neighbor countries however still Malaysian have their own variety or style. Start from the famous originated Malaysian Teh tarik, to tea, penang white coffee even the deserts like Ice kacang ABC, all is create with Malaysian style. The drinks, beverages and deserts are sold from kopitiam, street stalls, hawker center, food courts to cafes and restaurants. Nevertheless here’s the 15 type of Penang, Malaysian drinks & deserts : Selamat Mencoba…^0^

1. Teh Tarik

1-teh-tarikTeh Tarik who doesn’t know about this beverage? Tea Tarik or in english means Pull tea is popular originated beverage from Indian-Malaysia. Teh Tarik basically is hot milk tea which made of black tea and condensed milk. The differences compare to the normal milk tea is in the process of making Teh Tarik which is pulling back and forth from two metal jugs. Teh Tarik can be commonly found in restaurants, kopitiam, food courts, street vendors, hawker stalls, mamak stalls, cafe around Malaysia, Singapore and some southern Asian Countries.

2.Ice Kacang (ABC)

ice-kacang-abcAis Kacang or english Peanut Ice is a popular deserts in Malaysia. There are many variety of Ice Kacang but Malaysian Ais Kacang or known as ABC (Air Batu Campur) basically made of shaved ice mixed with condensed milk or evaporated milk, palm sugar and syrup. Then, add with kidney beans, sweet corn, grass jelly, palm seeds, creamed corn, cendol and a scoop of Ice cream on the tops. It has sweet taste, rich flavor and nice texture. Commonly it available in restaurant, hawker stall, food courts, cafe with variable price from RM 4.

3. Teh O Ais Limau

JpegTeh O Ais Limau or english means Iced Lime tea is a popular beverage mostly available in Malaysia. Teh O ais Limau is made of black tea, a squeeze lime and a sugar syrup. It have a fresh and bit sour taste and commonly found in many hawker stalls, kopitiam, street stalls, food courts, mamak stalls and restaurants in Malaysia.


4. Ice/Hot Milo

JpegAnother popular drink or beverage which commonly found in hawkers stalls, kopitiam, mamak stalls, street vendors, food courts in Penang, Malaysia is Ice or Hot Milo. It is made of Milo chocolate milk then served hot or with ice cube.


5. Leng Chee Kang (lotus seed dessert)

JpegI remember first time to try this deserts, what’s come out in my mind is what kind of   deserts it is? It had quail egg mix with lotus seeds, longans, barley, jelly, basil seeds dried persimmons, gingko nuts, Malva nut (kembang semangkuk), syrup and etc. But then when I tasted, it is totally difference from the appearance. Leng Chee Kang has rich flavor, sweet and nice texture. It is popular desert in Penang which originally from china. Leng Chee Kang can be served warm, hot or cold with ice cube.

6. Ice/Hot Barley

JpegWell it’s one of my favorite drink, sweet yet fresh with barley inside. Barley can be served hot or cold with ice cube. It’s also commonly found in Restaurants, kopitiam, hawkers stalls, food courts in Penang, Malaysia. Iced/ Hot Barley are made of barley seed,water, honey or rock sugar.


7. Tau Hua (Tofu or Soybean Pudding)



Tau hua or in english known as Tofu or Soybean Pudding is popular Chinese desert in Penang, Malaysia. Personally I really love this desert, sweet taste with soft and nice texture. It is made from soft tofu and usually served cold with clear sweet sugar syrup or palm sugar syrup. Tau Hua can be found in Asian grocery, hawker stalls, food courts and restaurants.

8. SoyBean Curd

JpegSoybean Curd is made of soybean which can be served warm, hot or cold with ice cube. There are many variety of soybean, one of that is those which mixed with barley. It is popular beverage in Penang, commonly found in food courts, hawker stalls and kopitiam.

9. Fruit Ice Cream Pancake

JpegPancake maybe is not original food from Penang but the city offer many variety of pancake. Many cafe and restaurants in Penang served pancake in their menu and some of that is Ice Cream pancake and fruit pancake. So, try penang pancake if you visit the country.


10. Dried Longan Tea

longan-teaDried Longan tea is another popular Chinese desert in Penang. Its made from Chinese barley, dried lotus seeds, gingko nuts, dries lily bulbs, dried longan flesh, agar-agar (jelly), Malva nut (kembang semangkuk), dried persimmon, white cloud fungus, preserved winter melon, basil seeds, pandan leaf, water and sugar syrup. Usually served warm or cold with ice cube.

11. Ice Cendol


Cendol is traditional desert popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. There are many variety of Ice cendol but the Malaysian Ais Cendol are usually made of cendol (green pandan rice flour jelly), palm sugar, coconut milk, kidney beans or red bean and shaved ice. In Penang-Malaysia, Ice Cendol are commonly found in hawker center, street vendor, food court and restaurants. It has sweet and creamy flavor.

12. Bubur Cha Cha

bubur-cha-chaBubur Cha Cha is popular traditional Malaysian dessert made of thick coconut milk, rock sugar or sugar, yam (taro), purple sweet potato, golden sweet potato, tapioca pearls ( sago pearls),black eyed beans, banana and pandan leaves. It has very nice colorful appearance and rich flavor. Bubur Cha cha usually served warm, but also can be hot or cold.

13. Tong Sui

13-tongsuiTong sui is a sweet popular desert in Penang. Made of coconut milk, sugar, tapioca pearl and sweet potatoes, this deserts have sweet taste and chewy texture as result of many tapioca pearls. It is available in chinese restaurants, deserts shop and some food courts.

14. Sugar Cane Juice

14-sugar-cane-juiceHave you try sugar cane juice? if not, then you should try it in Penang. It’s popular drink in Penang, Malaysia. There are many stalls in hawker center or kopitiam served fresh sugar cane juice for example is in Gurney Drive Hawker center. Most sugar cane juice is make in front of you with sugar cane machine. It is usually served cold with affordable price start from RM 1.50

15. Penang Black and White Coffee

Jpeg15-penang-white-coffeeDrinking coffee is one of the culture in Penang-Malaysia, thus can we saw in kopitiam, the street stalls which open early morning to served menu like coffee, toasted and half boiled egg. It’s very popular in breakfast time. Besides that a lot of cafe in penang also served coffee either black coffee, white coffee and etc. Penang it is self identical popular with their “white coffee” (Coffee added with milk or creamer).

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