Experience The Real Silent Day; Nyepi in Bali.

It had been more than 6 months i didn’t write any article. There is so many things i want to write and one of that is my experience living in Bali. Well, yes i mean real living in bali not in holiday. I had been living in Bali almost 6 months and during that period I have been experienced many things from their beaches, beautiful sunset, local foods, day routine local activities, culture and of course one thing which i would never forget was my first ever experienced Nyepi (Silent Day) in Bali.

Nyepi or in english known as “silent day” is the celebration day for Hindu people in Bali after the day before they fights against bad evils in the worlds. That’s ceremony known as pengrupukan; cleansing and casting out evil from the island which usually follow by ogoh ogoh parade. Ogoh Ogoh is believed as embodiment of bad evils. So, in contrary to Nyepi or silent day, the day before nyepi they have ogoh ogoh parade where everyone outside, street filled by people. Every banjar (desa or village) in Bali participate on this parade, they even have prepared ogoh ogoh a months or even 2 or 3 months before for this parade. On that day, they will arrack and bring ogoh ogoh (buta kala) around neighborhood before at the end of the day which is 12 o’clock at night they burned down the ogoh ogoh in near local beaches. All people participates, from young to old, local people to tourists all blended together to enjoy this ogoh ogoh parade. It was great experience and i did enjoy this culture even though you need to wait quite long before they start the parade and being in crowded.

Ogoh Ogoh parade is end at 12 or 1 o’clock at the night before nyepi. So, basically Nyepi is start at 6’clock in the morning and end 6 am on the next day. In 2017, Nyepi day was falls on 28 March. Nyepi which celebrate every Saka New Year have the meaning as silent or quite day; there is no activity like normal. Few rule which i learned from Nyepi day is that on that day, there is no light or fire (amati geni), not working (amati lelungan), not going anywhere or stay at home (amati lelungan) and no entertainment (amati lelanguan).

So, how’s the real nyepi or silent day in Bali? Before 28 march 2017, i always thought Nyepi is the day where you only can’t go out from house, and no lights on. Well, that’s it what i am thinking but then, that’s not true, it was more than that. The place which i stay known as Kuta was just like dead city. Can you imagine dead city like in movie? where’s all dark, no activity, no sound of car, traffic and people. Airport close, no public service, no programme in tv, no light, no restaurant open, no fast food, no Mcdonalds, can’t talk to people in loud sound, can’t go out from house, you only can walk around surrounding inside your house. Everything so quite, there was no music or noisy sound which is very strange to hear that in Kuta and Legian area.  There was only beautiful sky and sound of animal. Well sometime you can heard or saw pecalang walk around/ patrol to check everything.

Did i enjoyed Nyepi day in Bali ? well, to be honest it was nice for a day to experienced but for more than one day, i don’t thing i could handle it. Mostly or many tourist or local people which are not Hindus will stay in hotel or go out from Bali for Nyepi day. I have been living in village before and visiting many quite place but then nyepi in Bali was far more than that. However, it was a good day for rest and meditation. Furthermore, the sky are so beautiful, there’s so many stars. Well, to be honest it was my first time to see so many stars in the sky.

Hindu people in Bali believe the purpose of Nyepi day is to pray asking God to purify human nature (Bhuana Alit/microcosmos) and universe (Bhuana Agung/macrocosmos). It also have meaning and motivate Hindu people in ritual and spiritual that the nature ceased to be source of life. To start new life white and clean in new saka year, hindu people is prepare to face any obstacle. Therefore, every knowledge people need to do Brata (restraint of lust), Yoga ( connecting of the soul to the Lord), Tapa (Exerciser endurance suffer)  and Samadi ( Sacredness inner born). Just like ogoh ogoh parade there was many event or ceremony which Hindu people doing in Bali before and after Nyepi Day. There are melasti, usually celebrate 2 or 3 days before nyepi, Galungan and Kuningan (after Nyepi). So, maybe you can try and experience the real silent day (Nyepi) in Bali.



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