20’s type of Indonesian Noodles (Mie) Menu

Foods is always interesting topic to discuss.  There are many variety of foods with different flavor, taste, texture, shape and smell. I believe each country, culture, ethnic have they own specialty and traditional foods. How’s about Indonesian foods? In previous articles, I have written many about Indonesian foods. Furthermore, in this article I will writing specially about Indonesian Noodles type dishes or in Indonesian called “mie”. Mie or Noodles is popular dish in Indonesia. There are many variety of Indonesian type noodles dishes from the spices to fried, dry or soup. Hope this articles useful for those who’s planning travel to Indonesia. Just like my travel motto ” Traveling like locals, eat like locals”.  Enjoy and bon appetite ^-^

1. Mie Goreng (Fried Noodles)

Mie goreng is very popular dish in Indonesia available everywhere and consume a lot. Mie Goreng sold in restaurants, cafeteria, traveling street vendors and other foods vendors.  Mie Goreng (English: fried noodles) is  often made of Indonesian instant noodles or egg noodles which are boiled first than fried add with egg, meat, seafood, chicken, beef ball or fish ball, vegetables, garlic, chili, onion, sweet soy sauce, tomatoes, shallot, white paper, salt and spring onion. It has sweet mildly taste mix with bit of spicy taste.

2. Mie Bihun

Mie bihun is made of rice flour with thin long shape which also known as rice vermicelli. In Indonesia mie bihun often cooked by fried or soup (Kuah). Bihun goreng (fried bihun) often cook in the same style with fried noodles or fried rice. Meanwhile, bihun kuah (soup bihun) it usually made of vegetables, garlic, spring onion, salt and egg or seafood. Mie Bihun is usually served with shallot and cabe rawit (eye bird chili).

3. Ifu Mie

Ifu Mie is Chinese Indonesian cuisine, which are made of egg noodles/yellow noodles. The yellow noodles was deep fried until crispy then pour it with thick savory sauce like cap cai (stir fried vegetables) which are made separately. The thick savory sauce usually are made of vegetables, meat, seafood and chicken. It was served hot when the noodle still crispy. Ifu mie available in many area of Indonesia but in some province such as Makasar it is known as “mie kering”. Contrary, in Medan or North Sumatra Ifu mie dish has totally have different form from other area of Indonesia. In Medan, Ifu mie is made of ifu mie noodles cooked in the same style of fried rice or fried noodles. Fried ifu mie (ifu mie goreng) usually add with pork or lapciong but some just use chicken and egg.

4. Mie Kwetiau

Other Chinese Indonesian dish is Mie Kwetiau or known as flat rice noodles. In indonesia, Mie Kwetiau often cooked fried or soup.  Kwetiau goreng (fried Kwetiau) is made in the same way like fried noodles but then it use flat rice noodles instead of yellow wheat noodles / instant noodles.  It has sweet mildly taste mix with spicy taste. Meanwhile, kwetiau soup usually is made of beef or chicken, meet ball, fish ball, spring onion, bit of sweet soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, salt, white paper, spring onion, oyster sauce, soy sauce and etc. Mie Kwetiaw is same like char kwe tiau sold  in Malaysia or Singapore.

5. Mie Kuah / Mie Godok

Mie Kuah/ Mie Godok or the famous name known as Indomie kuah is popular Indonesian noodles dish. Most indonesian people have eaten it. Mie kuah usually made of yellow noodles or instant noodles, water add with caisim/pak choy (mustard), cabbage, onion, egg, spring onion, tomato and spices/seasoning.  It’s very simple dishes and cook just like cooking instant noodles.  Mie Kuah often served with fried shallot. It has nice flavor and savory and suitable eat on the raining weather.

6. Mie Kocok

Mie Kocok or english shaken noodle is specialty dishes from Bandung, Indonesia. It is beef noodle soup made of beef broth soup, flat yellow noodles, kikil (beef tendon), bean sprouts, beef meatball, kaffir lime juice, celery, fried shallot and spices like sweet soy sauce and chilies.



7. Soto

Soto is one of popular traditional Indonesia dishes. There are many variety of soto, each province/area have their own soto dishes, such as Soto ayam, soto betawi, soto kudus, soto kikil, soto medan etc. Soto is a yellow chicken soup made of turmeric, chicken broth, chicken, bean sprout and other spices. It usually served with vermicelli or rice add with hard boiled egg, slices celery leaves, koya (a powder of mixed prawn crackers with fried garlic) and fried shallots. Some type of soto add with coconut milk such as Soto Medan. It mostly available everywhere in Indonesia.

8. Mie Pangsit

Mie pangsit is Chinese dishes popular in Indonesia. It is almost same like bakmi and mie ayam (chicken noodles) However, mie pangsit often use pork use different type of mie. Mie Pangsit usually served with bowl of broth dumpling soup and slice chili & soy sauce.



9 Mie Gomak / Mie Lidi

Mie gomak or also known as mie lidi is  speciality noodle dishes from ethnic Batak Toba in North Sumatra. The dishes also popular as spaghetti of Batak people as the noodles used has similarity shape with spaghetti. Mie gomak or lidi can be cooked soup or fried style. The taste bit unique because usually cooked with adaliman (the spices from Batak land). Mie gomak or lidi mostly available in North Sumatra.

10. Mie Pecel

Mie pecel is made of  egg noodles or mie lidi then add with pecel seasoning. Pecel seasoning is made of ingredient like diced fried peanut, water, kencur (kaempferia galanga), air asam jawa (tamarind water), brown sugar, chili, onion etc. Mie pecel is usually served with boiled vegetables like long beans, bean sprout, spinach, cabbage, add with crackers (kerupuk) . Nowadays mie pecel difficult to find but some traditional market still sold it.

11. Bakso

Who doesn’t know Bakso? Bakso or English known as meat ball soup is popular Indonesian street dishes. It’s very known in Indonesia and even have their own song called “Abang tukang Bakso”. Bakso are made of beef or fish or chicken or pork meat. A bowl of meatballs soup (Bakso) usually served with bean sprout, Chinese green cabbage, green onion, bihun (rice vermicelli) and yellow noodles. Sometime in a bowl of bakso also add with tofu and egg (wrapped within bakso) and on the top of that add with shallot, celery, ketchup, chili and soy sauce (depend on the preference). In Indonesia, Bakso almost available everywhere from traveling street vendor to restaurant.

12. Mie Aceh

Mie Aceh is specialty curry spicy noodle dish from Aceh region,Indonesia. It was thick yellow noodles, cooked with slices of beef, or seafood, spices made of chili, shallot, garlic, cardamom, star anise, cumin, caraway and black paper. Two variation of mie Aceh is Mie Aceh Goreng/Dry and Mie Aceh kuah/semak (bit of water). Mie Aceh usually served with emping (chips/creakers), slices of cucumber, shallot, dash of kafir lime and on the top sprinkles with fried shallot.

13. Bakmi

Bakmi is one of popular Chinese dish  in Indonesia. Bakmi is made of wheat noodles add with vegetables, spring onion and seasoned meat of chicken or beef and even some restaurant use pork /sliced of char siu. Usually served with a bowl of broth. There is also fried bakmi (stir fried wheat noodle in sweet soy sauce). It is available in restaurant to humble traveling cart in many part of Indonesia.

14. Mie Kangkung

Mie Kangkung (Kangkung noodles) is specialty Betawi, Indonesian noodle soup made of chicken or beef broth add with tapioca, spiced, garlic and seasoning like sweet soy sauce. The broth then served with yellow egg noodles, water spinach, meatball, been sprouts, mushroom and sprinkled with fried shallots. sometime is add with hard-boiled egg , kaffir lime juice and sambal.

15. Mie Magelang

Mie Magelang is bit unique and different from other type of noodles dish, it is most likely to rice-noodles dish. Originally from Magelang, java, Indonesia Mie megelang (magelang noodles) are made of based ingredient rice and yellow egg noodles. Both ingredient mix and seasoned with spices, vegetable and meat. The taste and texture are just like eat both fried rice and fried noodle in one plates. Mie Magelang mostly available in area of java and some Javanese restaurant in Indonesia.


16.Mie Rebus

Mie Rebus is sweet spicy gravy curry noodles made of yellow egg noodles, shrimps broth, shallot, galangal, daun salam (Indonesian bay leaf), gula jawa (dark palm sugar),kafir lime leaf, salt,corn strach, water, boiled potato, been prouts, fried tofu, celery, chilies and bit of meat. Mie Rebus usually served with hard-boiled egg, bit of dried shrimps and fried shallots on the tops. Mie Rebus only available in some area of Indonesia like medan meanwhile in some part like java, mie rebus is known as instant noodle soup or some like mie godok.

17. Mie Celor

Mie Celor is made of shrimp broth add with coconut milk and other spices. It was then served with large yellow wheat noodle, bean sprouts, hard-boiled egg, sliced of celery and fried shallot. Mie celor specialty dish from Palembang city, Indonesia.


18. Soto Mie

Soto mie is different from soto dishes. Soto Mie is spicy noodle soup dish made of chicken or beef broth add with spices and seasoning served with yellow noodles, rice vermicelli and other ingredients like slices of tomato, boiled potato, cabbages, peanut, bean sprout, chicken, beef, skin, cartilage, tendons / tripes. Soto mie usually served with lime juice, sambal, fried shallot, sweet soy sauce and emping (chips/creakers). Soto mie mostly sold in humble traveling cart or food court in Jakarta and Bogor area.

19. Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam ( Chicken noodles) is popular Indonesian bakmi recipe made of ingredients such as boiled yellow wheat noodles, diced seasoned chicken meat, meatball, Chinese cabbage, fried wonton (pangsit goreng) and spring onion. Separate a bowl of chicken broth is served as the soup.  Different from bakmi, mie ayam is halal food available in restaurant, warung to traveling vendor cart.

20. Mie Balap

Mie Balap (racing noodles )is fried noodles cooked in the simple ingredients in the fastest way. Type of noodles used are bi hun or yellow egg noodles add with spices, egg, vegetables such as bean sprout and on the top sprinkle with fried shallot. Usually sold in early morning until 12.00 pm in street vendor or market.



Which type of Indonesian noodles you like? Fell free to left comment or ask anything. ^-^ Bon appetite and selamat mencoba.










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