Welcome to Witaworld


Hi, welcome to Witaworld…..

First of all, thank you for you all whom have visited my blog. I hope you enjoy witaworld and it can give some information you need. Please forgive me for any wrong spelling or word as I written some article in both Indonesian language and English language.

I started make my blog on 2013 with barely written anything for the past 2 years. There was no single article I written, just in 2015 I started to write my first article about my hometown “Traveling to Medan”. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to write nor had no idea what I must write. My interest to travel and food then make me have idea what I want to share. Traveling is always my biggest interest since long time ago it same goes well with my interest with food. Experience new culture, language, see new place, meet new people, make friends, try and testing local food is always interesting me. That’s the beginning what motivate me, I want to write and share it to other people. I would like to remember my traveling and write down my experience in the hope it maybe gonna useful for other people. Because I remember, how I looked for many information about particular country or place before I start my journey. So, then start from there, I written everything about my experience and my life in this blog “witaworld” include my overseas living experience when I pursue my study in Penang, Malaysia and Melbourne, Australia.


Now, witaworld have a lot article about foods and traveling as well as other information. I will keep writing and hope this blog can become traveling community blog and your traveling guide especially about Indonesia food, culture, place to visit and etc.

Please free to leave any comment or ask any questions as well as felling free to share about your traveling experience in any of my article. Hope to hear from you all and  thank you very much. Also don’t forget to follow, like, and share ^()^

Hope you enjoy and let’s traveling & write….^-^







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