Top 20’s Bali Foodies & Snack (Street Food)

Located in the southern part of Indonesia, Bali is one of popular holiday destination. Bali offer one hole package as favorite holiday destination from their famous blue beautiful beach, nature, culture, night life, shopping, foods etc.  There is a lot things that Bali can offer and one of that is their foods. The culture also have a strong bound with the food they serve. Although as part of Indonesia and adopt many similar food type like other part of Indonesia, Bali food have their own flavor, taste and uniqueness.

Early last year, I stayed in Bali for 5 months and on that time i had the opportunity to enjoy Bali, learn their culture and taste their local foods. Although many Bali food generally have similarity with other type of Indonesian food but then Bali foods have strong flavor in spiciness, sourness and spices. Other influences of Bali culture are many Bali specialty food are made of pork as the majority of Bali people is Hindu. However, there still a lot of halal you could find in Bali. So, here’s 20 type of Bali food include snack specialty Bali you need to try when visit this beautiful island :

1. Satay Babi, lilit & Plencing

If you come to Bali one of the food you need to try is their satay /sate (grilled skewer meet). In Bali, there are many types of sate but the popular are sate babi (pork skewer), sate lilit and plencing. Sate lilit is made of meat which are finely chopped add with Bali spices (bumbu bali) then skewer in stem leave lemongrass or stalk of bamboo. The meat use often for satay are either chicken, pork or fish fillert (ikan tenggiri). Sate lilit often served with sambal matah meanwhile other satay often served with red chilli sambal. It’s very tasteful, soft and unique. Sate Bali can be found easily in many place. As for Sate Babi you can try Sate Babi bawah pohon (Skewer pork under the tree) in patik jelatik, legian area which now had move to

2. Babi Guling (Pork Suckling)



Babi guling or in english “pork suckling” are one of popular and specialty food of Bali. Usually served with white rice add with lawar (Bali specialty vegetables dish), satay lilit, pork skin, meat, jukut ares and sometime pork sausage. The taste is very unique and crispy as the pork is roasted with bali spices. The famous place sold Babi Guling (Pork suckling) in Bali are : Babi guling Ibu Oka-Ubud, Babi guling Chandra-Denpasar, Babi guling pak Malen-sunset road seminyak, Babi guling Ibu suci slingsing-tabanan dan Babi guling pak Dobiel-Nusa Dua.

3. Ayam/bebek Betutu (Chicken or Duck Betutu)

Ayam (chicken) or Bebek (duck) betutu is one of popular and specialty Balinese dish. Betutu it self describe the name of spice which is use as the main ingredient to make the dishes known as bumbu betutu (betutu spice mix). Then later this spices paste is applied upon chicken or duck and as for final process it is steamed or roasted. The process of cooking is quite unique and long at least 24 hours. Some variety of betutu are those the one which is stuffed with cooking spices and the other which is cooked with plantain leaf wrapping. Ayam & Bebek betutu are halal food and have really bali unique taste of spice, soft and tasteful. The famous ayam betutu restaurant is ayam betutu khas gilimanuk.

4. Lawar Kuwir

Lawar kuwir is one of specialty Balinese vegetable dish. Lawar Kuwir are made of mix of vegetable such as long been, young jackfruit which is finely chopped then add with grill shredded coconut, chopped pork meat or duck meat (bebek entog) and smeary with bali spices (Bumbu bali). Lawar Kuwir usually served with white rice add with sate lilit, shredded of ayam betutu, jakut ares (sayur batang pisang) etc.

5. Nasi Jinggo

Nasi Jinggo have similarity with nasi kucing in Yogyakarta or nasi lemak in Malaysia. Nasi Jinggo consists of a small portion of rice add with other dish such as sambal, vegetable, tempeh, fried noodles, dried fish, shereded chicken or pork meat wrapped in banana leaves. Nasi Jinggo is very popular speciality food of Bali and can be found in many warung in Bali. The quantity of nasi jinggo is small and the price is quite cheep around Rp.5000 . It halal food if you don’t choose the pork meat inside.

6. Nasi Pedas

Nasi Pedas in english means “spicy rice” but it was not literally always spicy. Nasi pedas is one of popular Bali food, made of white rice add with other dishes such as chicken meat, tempe, vegetable, spicy sambal and etc. Basically, you can choose whatever dishes you like from the steling food / glass cabinet they served. The price is variety depend on how many dishes you take or choose.  Nasi Pedas is halal food and the famous Nasi pedas in Bali are Nasi pedas Ibu Hanif, Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika and etc.

7. Serembotan

Serombotan is bali traditional food similar to urap or vegetable salad. It was originally food from klungkung area but now can be found in traditional market, warung and restaurant khas Bali in all over area of Bali. Serembotan is made of vegetables such as long bean, spinach, watercress, bean or chickpea, round eggplant, bean sprout and pare. All vegetables are boiled for a while then add with spices (bumbu) known as Kalas. Kalas are made of coconut milk, mashed tumeric, galangal (lengkuas) red onion, garlic, coriander, kencur (kaempferia galanga) peanut and spices (bumbu pedas). It is halal food and suitable for vegetarian people.

8. Bebek tepi sawah

Bebek tepi sawah is another duck dishes you need to try when visit Bali, specially Ubud area. Bebek tepi sawah is very famous, set in the beautiful area of paddy field. Beside duck dish, the restaurant also provide other types of food.


9. Rujak kuah pindang & Bulung

Rujak is mix of fruit and vegetable salad dish found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In Bali, there are two types popular specialty Rujak known as Rujak kuah pindang and Rujak bulung. Rujak kuah pindang are made of slices of raw mango, papaya, yam bean etc. Then, the fruit add with sauce pindang (tuna) and chilli with super spicy. The taste is mix of sourness and spiciness. Rujak kuah pindang sold in many warung or small street stall in Bali. Meanwhile, Rujak Bulung are made of fresh seaweed instead of fruit or vegetable. This seaweed then add with sauce pindang, peanut and chili. It is halal and suitable for vegetarian with very reasonable price.

10. Tipat Catok Bali

Tipat catok is popular Balinese dishes similar with pecel or vegetable salad. Tipat catok use the main ingredients of ketupat (rice wrapped in coconut leaf/daun janur) add with boiled vegetable such as long bean, bean sprout, spinach, watercress and spicy peanut sauce.  Usually served with hard boiled egg and sometime cracker or kerupuk. It’s very nice, crunchy and tasteful. Tipat catok is halal food and suitable for vegetarian. In addition, the price is quite cheep and available in warung, restaurant or small street stall in all area of Bali.

11. Tipat Blayag

Beside tipat catok, Bali also have “Tipat Blayag “which are made of lontong (rice wrapped in banana leaf) instead of ketupat. Tipat Blayag originally are specialty dish from Buleleng, Singaraja area in Bali but now also can be found in Singaraja restaurant in Denpasar or Kuta area. As for sauce compare to tipat catok, tipat Blayag din’t use peanut sauce instead it use sauce made of mix of bumbu bali (bali spices) and processed rice flour. The texture similar to coconut milk and really tasteful. Tipat Blayag usually served with vegetable “urap”, shereded chicken, chicken skin, fried peanut and etc.

12. Nasi Campur

Nasi campur is popular dishes khas Bali. Different from normally nasi campur, Bali nasi campur is consist of hot white rice add with sate lilit, shredded chicken betutu, lawar kuwir or urap vegetable, crispy chicken or pork, egg and sambal matah (chili) or sambal embe khas Bali. Nasi campur is typical Bali dish which daily eat by local people. It’s quite easy to find nasi campur in Bali as it sold in many place from restaurant, warung or street food stall. Nasi campur usually use pork meat, so it is not halal.

13. Ikan Bakar sambal matah

Sambal matah is specialty chili khas bali. In fact this chili is very famous, authentic and use in many dishes one of that is Ikan Bakar sambal matah. The main ingredient of this dishes is fresh sea fish which is grilled and cooked with this sambal matah. The sambal matah is made of small slices of shallots, chili, lemongrass, ginger, lime juice, fish sauce, coconut oil, then all is chopped and mix well together. It is very fresh and tasty with juiciness, spiciness and sourness also the fish have really nice flavor, texture and smell.

14. Bubur Mengguh khas Bali

Bubur Mengguh is specialty Bali porridge. It is traditional food khas buleleng bali which made of rice, coconut milk, shredded chicken, long bean, fried peanut, galanggal (lengkuas), bay leaves, chili, garlic, shallot, corriader, tumeric etc.  Bubur Mengguh is tasteful, soft and usually served wit urap sayur (vegetable salad).

15. Nasi tempong

Nasi Tempong is one of popular food in Bali. Although originally it is Javanese dishes but now available in many area of Bali. Nasi tempong Bali are made of white rice add with lalapan (vegetables such as cucumber, long bean, fried eggplant etc), tempe, tahu/tofu, chicken, duck, fish (lele) or salted fish. Nasi tempong usually served with spicy chili (sambal) and sour vegetable soup (sayur asam). The famous nasi tempong  in Bali is nasi tempong Indra which located in jalan dewi Sri, Legian Kuta. It is halal food with reasonable price.

16. Pie Susu,

Beside the specialty dishes, Bali also popular with their cake or snack and one of that is Bali “Pie susu”. Pie susu or english milk pie have similarity with egg tart and often known as one of the souvenir khas Bali.  In Bali, there are many brand produce pie susu such as Pi susu Asli Enaak Bali (the famous and nice one) Pie susu 21, Pie Susu Dhian, Pie susu special, Pie susu barong and etc.

17. Pia Legong

Pia Legong is popular snack for souvenir khas Bali. Although in Bali there are so many type of pia but pia Legong is the most popular one. Pia legong have 3 taste they are chocolate, cheese and mung bean (kacang hijau). Kitchen house pia legong is located in Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kuta, Bali and to buy pia legong most often people need to wait the long queue. The price is around Rp. 110.000 to Rp. 120,000 per box.

18. Kacang Asin khas Bali

Kacang Asin (Salty Peanut) is another type of popular snack khas Bali and often buy as souvenir to bring back home. There are many brand that produce of this salty peanut but the famous one is Matahari Brand. Is is very crunchy and tasteful made you addicted to eat more. Kacang asli khas Bali can be found in many supermarket or souvenir shop in Bali.



19. Salak Bali & Salak Gula Pasir (Sweet Salak)

Beside food and snack, Bali also have their own specialty fruit such as Bali grapes and salak bali. This fruits type is only grow in bali area. One of my favorite fruit khas Bali is salak bali and Salak gula pasir. Salak gula pasir is known for the skin outside have the torn but inside is very sweet and nice.

20. Prasmanan: Warung nikmat & Collega

If in above, I had write many of Bali specialty dish and snack then this one type of food not really khas Bali but found mostly in every corner of Bali. Prasmanan or also known as buffet is food which served  and placed in public area where people can choose their own menu or dishes either it vegetable, meat, fish, soup or even the rice. In prasmanan type of warung, there are 2 to 3 rice type such as white rice, red rice or yellow rice which can be mix with many variety of dishes. This prasmanan food is very popular in Indonesia include Bali area. Food served mostly halal and usually add with chili and fried shallot. The famous presmanan type of warung are “Warung nikmat” in Kuta area and “Warung Collega” in Dewi Sri, Seminyak Legian area.




So, this is the end list of Balinese foodies and Snack (street food).  Still, there are still many type of food khas Bali which I cant write in here. So, enjoy your holiday in Bali and don’t forget to try their local food. See you in the next article about Bali and don’t forget to keep visit my blog. Please leave any comment and fell free to tell me which one of your favorite Balinese food. Thank you and Bon appetite (Selamat Makan) ^-^






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