Cara Membuat BOBA (Bubble pearls recipe)


New post on the blog!! Bubble pearls recipes….^^

Bubble tea become one of favorit drinks of all people from different types of ages. The recipes to mix Bubble pearls and tea was firstly found in Taiwan and shortly become famous worldwide. Nowadays, bubble tea could be found everywhere with different type of variation and flavors.

Bubble pearls as one of the main ingredients to make the bubble tea drinks have a nice and chewy texture suitable if it mix in drinks or foods. 

Furthermore, besides the nice flavor and chewy texture of bubble pearls, the process of making bubble pearls also quite easy. To make bubble pearls use very basic ingredients which could be found easily.

So, herewith the recipes of  bubble pearls “BOBA”.I had tried this combination recipes for the first time and it was successful. So, happy cooking and Bon appetite 🙂

Ingredients :

-For Bubble Pearls-

• 160 gr Tapioca starch

• 100 ml warm water

• 70 gr palm sugar

• 1/2-1 tbs Moka paste or food coloring


-For the sauce-

• 35 gr palm sugar, the quantity could be add depends on the preference

• 3 tbs brown sugar or white sugar

• 100-120 ml of water, it depends on thickness of the sauce


For more details about how to make bubble pearls as well as the recipes in Indonesian language please check :



Thank you 🙂








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