Top 10’s Popular Medan Drinks, Beverage & Juice

North Sumatra is one of the province in Indonesia located in Sumatra Island. Medan is the capital city and the most famous city in North Sumatra. As the one of third biggest city in Indonesia, North Sumatra also known for their tourism. Beautiful tourist attraction from the famous Lake Toba (Danau Toba), eruption mountain of Sibayak, Orang Utan, culture, ethnic, nature and also not to forget is their food and Drinks. North Sumatra specially Medan is popular for their foodies and also known as the paradise for food traveling. There are many place to eat in Medan with different variety types of food and drink. All with their own traditional/ specialty recipe, dishes and drinks from different ethnic which live in Medan.  In my previous articles, I had written about Indonesian types of drink,beverages and Deserts in general  and Traditional Medan foods  So, in this articles i would like to highlight more about “Medan traditional drinks, beverages and juice”.   Enjoy and don’t forget to try it if you visit the area.

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Top 20’s Bali Foodies & Snack (Street Food)

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Welcome to Witaworld


Hi, welcome to Witaworld…..

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BPJS Kesehatan Indonesia

BPJS Kesehatan (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan) adalah faskes atau berupa fasilitas kesehatan yang diberikan pemerintah bagi semua rakyat Indonesia tanpa pengecualian. BPJS Kesehatan bukanlah hal yang asing di dengar bagi orang Indonesia, program pemerintah ini telah beroperasi sejak 1 Januari 2014. Pemerintah mewajibkan semua orang yang tinggal di indonesia baik itu warga negara Indonesia dan warga asing yang sudah bekerja di Indonesia minimal enam bulan untuk ikut serta mendaftar BPJS Kesehatan. BPJS Kesehatan di bagi menjadi 3 kelas yaitu kelas I, kelas II dan Kelas III. Pada dasarnya perbedaan kelas ini akan menentukan jumlah besarnya iuran perbulan yang akan di bayarkan. Untuk service yang di sediakan setiap kelas tidak ada perbedaan untuk rawat jalan akan tetapi untuk rawat inap maka pelayanan perawatan dan kamar inap pasien akan di tentukan berdasakan kelas yang di ambil. Untuk BPJS kelas I, iuran yang di bayarkan sebesar Rp.80,000 per bulan dengan fasitas rawat inap kelas I yaitu 2 sampai 4 tempat tidur per ruangan. Sedangkan, untuk kelas II, iuran yang di bayarkan sebesar Rp. 51,000 per bulan dengan fasilitas rawat inap kelas I yaitu 3 sampai 5 tempat tidur setiap ruangan. Terakhir, adalah BPJS kelas III dengan fasilitas rawat inap kelas III yaitu pada umumnya 4 sampai 6 tempat tidur atau lebih per ruangan. Iuran BPJS yang di bayarkan untuk kelas III ini sebesar Rp.25,500 per bulan. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut biaya iuran yang di bayarkan bisa di lihat di

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Cara Membuat Rendang (Indonesia Rendang Recipe)

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Klaim BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Online & Manual)

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20’s type of Indonesian Noodles (Mie) Menu

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Indonesia Language (Bahasa) Tips for Tourist

The world is so big. Did you know how many language in the world? Based on the Ethnologue catalogue of world languages, there are 7099 living languages. Each country, each region, each ethnic, each culture, each part of the world have their own language, have their own slang. Even sometime thus country, region and ethnic have more than one languages. Traveling see the world, amaze with the nature, experience the culture and taste the locals foods is one kind of life experience. Holiday, traveling or backpacking is one of fun and relaxing time but sometime of maybe i could said often we found obstacle in language barrier to interact with the locals or to known more the culture. Although nowadays  English language as international language can be used in many country and place. However, still i am always think to learn the basic language of particular country i would like to visit. I remember how i searched looking for some information in internet about Thai basic language for tourist before i gone to Thailand. It was fun and quite useful especially I didn’t used any guide or join any tour in my traveling. So, based on that experience i would like to share some tips about Indonesian Language for tourist or foreigner who like to visit Indonesia to spend their holiday.  So, here some basic tips of Indonesian Language or known as Bahasa Indonesia ;

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Transportation in Bali (Sewa Mobil & Motor di Bali)

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Spicy Fried Potato Prawn Recipe (Resep; Sambal Udang & Kentang Goreng)

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Top 15’s Traditional Karo & Batak Cuisine (Medan-Indonesia)

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Experience The Real Silent Day; Nyepi in Bali.

It had been more than 6 months i didn’t write any article. There is so many things i want to write and one of that is my experience living in Bali. Well, yes i mean real living in bali not in holiday. I had been living in Bali almost 6 months and during that period I have been experienced many things from their beaches, beautiful sunset, local foods, day routine local activities, culture and of course one thing which i would never forget was my first ever experienced Nyepi (Silent Day) in Bali.

Nyepi or in english known as “silent day” is the celebration day for Hindu people in Bali after the day before they fights against bad evils in the worlds. That’s ceremony known as pengrupukan; cleansing and casting out evil from the island which usually follow by ogoh ogoh parade. Ogoh Ogoh is believed as embodiment of bad evils. So, in contrary to Nyepi or silent day, the day before nyepi they have ogoh ogoh parade where everyone outside, street filled by people. Every banjar (desa or village) in Bali participate on this parade, they even have prepared ogoh ogoh a months or even 2 or 3 months before for this parade. On that day, they will arrack and bring ogoh ogoh (buta kala) around neighborhood before at the end of the day which is 12 o’clock at night they burned down the ogoh ogoh in near local beaches. All people participates, from young to old, local people to tourists all blended together to enjoy this ogoh ogoh parade. It was great experience and i did enjoy this culture even though you need to wait quite long before they start the parade and being in crowded.

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15 Types of Penang-Malaysia Beverages & Deserts.


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Recipe Pisang Bakar Keju (Grilled Banana Cheese)


Bosan jajan di luar dan ingin mencoba memasak sesuatu untuk tea time snack? Mungkin anda bisa mencoba memasak pisang bakar keju yang simple dan mudah. Pisang bakar keju mempunyai cita rasa yang manis dan bergizi dan sangat cocok sebagai snack tea time anda ditemani dengan kopi atau teh. Selamat mencoba ^-^

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40’s Type of Penang-Malaysia Foods (Hawkers, Kopitiam, Mamak Stalls & Restaurants)


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Part I ; Berobat & Liburan di Penang-Malaysia


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15 Types Indonesia Vegetarian Food


Traveling or moving to new place can be very interesting, try new things and experience different things. But, sometime can also be worrying especially for those who are vegetarian. What kind of the food they serve there? Is there any vegetarian foods?  What are the ingredients they use? Few question which maybe come out for vegetarian. I remember when my vegan friends told me sometime they have difficulty to find vegetarian food in some country. In Indonesia, I think there are many choices of food for vegetarian. So, nevertheless here the 15’s Types Indonesian Vegetarian Food.

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30 Types of Indonesian Drinks, Beverages & Desserts

Es Buah

Indonesia is tropical countries with two season, wet and dry. Dry season is means warm tropical temperature or Hot weather. Others is Wet season where rains falling through the day and night. However basically the weather in most part of Indonesia is warm except in the highlands or village. Thus, weather condition have influences to Indonesian foods, drinks and culture. One of the Indonesian culture in hot weather is to consume cold drinks, beverage, juice, deserts and ice cream. However, We also have hot drinks for cold or wet temperature. There are many type of Indonesia drinks such as tea or coffee, fruit juices, hot sweet beverages and a lot type of ice (Indonesia known as “Es”) which also usually classified as desserts. Deserts in Indonesia can be types of rujak (sweet or spicy fruit), Ice (es) such as Ice cendol, Ice Kelapa as well as sweet desert such as Bubur candil etc. So, here’s the 30 lists of Indonesian Drinks,Beverages and Desserts. Bon Apetite and Selamat Mencoba!!

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