How to Say alphabet in Indonesia, English and French


Learning new language can always be exciting but it also mean you need hard work to remember the word, grammar, numbers and the alphabet. Every language have different alphabet and the pronunciation. What it is writen sometime is not same with the sound. In below, I have write the alphabet and how to pronounce it based on three language Indonesia, English and French.

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Bahasa Inggris sering di sebut sebagai “a global lingua franca” atau dengan kata lain bahasa international. Perkembangan teknologi , jaman dan juga global ekonomi yang semakin terbuka membuat bahasa inggris menjadi salah satu bahasa yang perlu dikuasai. Bahasa Inggris sendiri adalah bahasa resmi lebih dari 60 negara di dunia. Selain menjadi bahasa resmi di UK, Australia, Amerika dan beberapa negara lainya, bahasa inggris juga bahasa resmi PBB dan beberapa international organisasi  dunia lainya. Di indonesia sendiri bisa di bilang bahasa Inggris menjadi bahasa kedua walaupun tidak secara resmi tertulis di UUD negara kita. Tapi, secara notabene masyarakat indonesia mengetahui atau bisa berbahasa inggris. Hal ini di karenakan Bahasa Inggris telah menjadi salah satu mata pelajaran yang di ajarkan di sekolah.


48 Hours Backpacking in JB-Singapore


The journey is continue and the next stop are Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia (JB). After spent leisure time in Lagoi Bay-Bintan Island, enjoy the nature, camping and swimming now the time to do more city traveling. From Bintan Islands we move to neighbor countries Singapore and continue to JB, Malaysia. I would rather called this kind of trip as Backpacking. We explored this two country for the less than 48 hours with the minimal budget, use public transport and bring around our bag.^-^ It was tired, yes I will be honest but it also fun and we experienced a lot things.  So, here my experience backpacking in the two country for the less than 48 hours.

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Glamping in Lagoi Bay-Bintan Island, Kep.Riau


Have you heard about Bintan Islands? If yes, what it will be the first time come out in your mind?? Well, as for me it will be the beach and expensive resorts. Although, I am correctly right but is not all true, Bintan Islands offer more than that. It was our family trip to Lagoi Bay, Bintan Islands, Riau. In the beginning, I rejected to join this trip, as I though there will be nothing special over there. I did some research but still nothing is satisfied me until finally my sister able to pursue me to do this trip. So, here’s my little adventure to the Lagoi Bay, Bintan Island.

Bintan Islands is one of the biggest island in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. It is part of the Riau Islands province, which exactly located not far from Singapore. Maybe that one of the reason why there is so many resort in Bintan Islands owned by Singaporean. Bintan Islands itself for me is almost same like other city in Indonesia but the differences is that you will find out there are strong influence of culture, religion  and languages from Melayu and Chinese ethnic.

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