Simple Caramel Popcorn Recipes & Smoothie Yoghurt Popcorn

Simple Popcorn Recipes to try at home 🙂


Ingredients :

▪︎ Popcorn Seed

▪︎ Sugar

▪︎ Butter


Smoothie Yoghurt Popcorn Recipes :


Ingredients :

▪︎ Caramel Popcorn

▪︎ 200ml Milk

▪︎ 1 cup Yoghurt (Any flavour)

▪︎ Ice cube (Alternative)

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1 Recipes, 3 types of Bread (GuaranteeNo Failure)

Ingredients :

▪︎ 170gr all purpose flour
▪︎ 500gr Bread Flour
▪︎ 100-120gr sugar (1tbsp for activate the yeast)
▪︎ 3 eggs (3 egg yolk, 1 white egg)
▪︎ 80gr butter
▪︎ 1 pack (11gr) dry Saf Instant Yeast
▪︎ 1tbsp IBIS
▪︎ 1tbsp Baker’s Bonus A
▪︎ 1tsp salt
▪︎ 300ml Milk or can be mixed with water ratio 1:1


For Activate the Yeast :

▪︎ 1 pack (11gr) dry Instant Yeast
▪︎ 1 tbsp sugar
▪︎ 30ml Warm Water

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1.  Firstly, we need to activate the yeast.
Put 1tbsp of sugar in small bowl and for this measurement I used 1 pack or 11gr of Saf Instant yeast. Then add 50ml of warm water inside the bowl. Mixed it all and if its all mix close the bowl for 10 to 15 minutes until its rise or activate.

2. Put 3 egg yolk and 1 white egg in bowl or also can 2 egg yolk and 1 white egg. The more egg yolk used, the more soft the bread.

3. Mix the bread flour with all purpose flour in bowl. Then, add 1 tbsp of IBIS and 1 tbsp of Baker Bonus A inside the bowl.

4. Mix all the ingredients, then add the active yeast inside the bowl.

5. After all the ingredients mixed, add egg in the bowl.

6. Keep mixing it, then add sugar.

7. After that, pour milk little by little. The reason because the room temperature can be different and that can cause the dough observe the water differently. ( If you doesn’t want to use milk it also can be subtitute or replace it with water or mix water-milk with ratio 1:1)

8. Then, add butter in bowl then knead it until all the ingredients is mixed.

9. Lastly, put salt.


10. Next Step is to knead it the dough until its soft for around 10 to 15 minutes.

11. If the dough texture still like this (refers on the video for the visualization) then keep knead it until its soft.

12. If the dough too sticky or wet, you could sprinkle some flour on the dough.

13.  After the dough soft, put inside the bowl and then close it with wrapping paper or cloth or towel. Let aside for 30 minutes until the dough active and rise

14. Don’t forget to smearing the bowl with bit of oil so that the dough wouldn’t be sticky

15. After 30 minutes, open the wrapping paper and cloth and towel. Then, press the dough to let the air out

16. Then, knead it again the dough for 2 until 3 minutes

17. Then, after that divide and shape the dough into small rounds.

18. For the shape and weight its depends of your preference

19. Let the dough which have been weight and shape rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

20. Meanwhile prepare the baking pan and smearing with bit of butter on top of it.



21. Then, for the next process shape the dough depends of the type of bread you wanted. For the type of burger bread or sweet bun or dinner rolls can follow this step.

22. Firstly, flattened the dough then add sesame or other type of topping depends of your preference.

23. Then, smearing the dough with milk or egg yolk.

24. Do not smearing your dough too thick because it can made the bread burn faster.

25. Then after that sprinkle topping on the top of the dough. As for this bread I used sesame as tge topping.

26. For other type of breads which I also used the same dough, I make cheese and chocolate filling bun.

27. Rolling the dough with rolling pin. If you don’t have it maybe you could used the bottle glass. After its flattened, filled it with chocolate, cheese, custard or other type of filling depends of your preference.

28. Close the dough tightly so that the filling its not come out when its bake.

29. Let the dough rest for 10 to 15 minutes after its smearing with milk or egg yolk.

30. Keep it the dough inside the off Oven and let it rise before cook it in oven.

31. After all the dough rise turn on the oven to the temperature 180C

32. Then, put the bread inside the oven and cook it for 15 to 20 minutes. Please check the top and down of the bread cook and not burn.

33. Also check inside the bread and make sure its cooked nicely.

34. Set aside the bread from the oven if its already brown color and cooked.

35. Next step, smearing the bread with butter while its hot.

36. The bread is ready to serve or also can be keep it in freezer for 1 to 2 weeks or maybe even a months. Its also can be sold.



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Pandanous “Green” Coloring Recipe (Pasta Pandan)

Pandanous is one of the plant which have unique typical smell. Pandanous leaves a lot found in area Southeast Asia which have tropic climate. In thus area, Pandanous plants could grow easily in house yard or specially planted in pot.
Besides the specific smell produces of Pandanous leaf, these plants also could be use for natural food coloring. The light green color produced by the Pandanous leaf is used many for foods or drinks either it’s modern dish or traditional cake.
Pandanous leaf is one of the main ingredients in many types of traditional food typical Indonesia such as ; kue putu ayu, kue ape, klepon, dadar gulung, pandan jam, puding, cake etc. Thus, because these special plants has the unique smell as well as produce food coloring which different from others plants exist.
The recipe to make the food coloring from Pandanous leaf is quite simple and easy. It only need two ingredients which are Pandanous leaf and water. Off course you also could add the suji leaf to generated more dark green color.
How to make natural food coloring from Pandanous leaf? Let’s started…^^.
Ingredients :
  • 6 pcs Pandanous leaves
  • 85-100 ml water
  • Suji leaves) -optional-
How to make:
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Cara Membuat BOBA (Bubble pearls recipe)


New post on the blog!! Bubble pearls recipes….^^

Bubble tea become one of favorit drinks of all people from different types of ages. The recipes to mix Bubble pearls and tea was firstly found in Taiwan and shortly become famous worldwide. Nowadays, bubble tea could be found everywhere with different type of variation and flavors.

Bubble pearls as one of the main ingredients to make the bubble tea drinks have a nice and chewy texture suitable if it mix in drinks or foods. 

Furthermore, besides the nice flavor and chewy texture of bubble pearls, the process of making bubble pearls also quite easy. To make bubble pearls use very basic ingredients which could be found easily.

So, herewith the recipes of  bubble pearls “BOBA”.I had tried this combination recipes for the first time and it was successful. So, happy cooking and Bon appetite 🙂

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