Top 10’s Popular Medan Drinks, Beverage & Juice

North Sumatra is one of the province in Indonesia located in Sumatra Island. Medan is the capital city and the most famous city in North Sumatra. As the one of third biggest city in Indonesia, North Sumatra also known for their tourism. Beautiful tourist attraction from the famous Lake Toba (Danau Toba), eruption mountain of Sibayak, Orang Utan, culture, ethnic, nature and also not to forget is their food and Drinks. North Sumatra specially Medan is popular for their foodies and also known as the paradise for food traveling. There are many place to eat in Medan with different variety types of food and drink. All with their own traditional/ specialty recipe, dishes and drinks from different ethnic which live in Medan.  In my previous articles, I had written about Indonesian types of drink,beverages and Deserts in general  and Traditional Medan foods  So, in this articles i would like to highlight more about “Medan traditional drinks, beverages and juice”.   Enjoy and don’t forget to try it if you visit the area.

1. Air Tebu (Sugar cane)

Tebu or in english Sugar Cane is plant that grow in tropical or sub tropical region. Sugar Cane is the raw ingredients to make sugar. Beside that, Sugar cane also often made as drinks. The process to make this sugar cane juice (air tebu ) is with squeezing it into the traditional machine of sugar cane crush and then served it with ice or no ice without adding any sugar. It have sweet taste, fresh and good for health. It often sold by street vendor, stalls or restaurant in Medan or other part of Indonesia.

2. Martabe Juice

Martabe Juice is specialty drinks and only can be found in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Almost all restaurants, cafe, warung or food stalls in Medan have this juice on their menu. Just like the name, juice martabe was made from markisa (passion fruit) and terong belanda (Dutch Eggplant/Tamaillo). It is all blend together and then served cold. It had sour and fresh taste.

3. Markisa Syrup /Markisa Juice

Sirup Markisa or english Passion fruit syrup is popular specialty drink from Medan, North Sumatra. Even, it was often brought as souvenir if visiting Medan although nowadays it has been sold in some supermarket in Indonesia. The famous brand of markisa syrup is pohon pinang. Beside made as syrup, passion fruit also made as juice and sold in many restaurant, cafe and food stalls in Medan area. It has sour taste yet very fresh.


4. Badak

Badak is beverage drink brand with sarsaparila (root) flavor. Badak originally from Pematang Siantar area of North Sumatra. Nowadays, badak beverage drinks sold in many food stall, restaurant, street vendor in Medan.



5. Teh Susu Telur (TST)

Teh susu telur (tea,milk,egg) or also known as TST is one popular specialty drink from Medan, North Sumatra. TST is made from tea mix with condense milk, sugar and adding with duck egg or free range egg. It was usually served warm and sold in many cafe, warung and street stalls.



6. Terong Belanda Juice

Terong Belanda juice or english known as Dutch Eggplant/Tamaillo juice is very good for health. In Medan, many restaurant, cafe, food stalls served terong belanda juice in their menu. It have sweet sour taste and usually served fresh and cold.


7. Es Jagung Medan

Es Jagung Medan (corn ice) is made of corn (usually hawai corn), coconut milk, sugar, condense milk, corn starch, salt and water. It is one of popular drink in Medan and usually served cold with adding jelly in it. Es jagung mostly sold by street vendor or food stalls. It is one of my favorite drinks, sweet, tasty and fresh.


8. Roco Timun

Roco Timun is traditional specialty drink from North Sumatra, Indonesia. Roco Timun was made of young coconut water and meat, cucumber, salt, water, pandanus (pandan leaf), brown sugar or brown sugar syrup. It have sweet, unique taste and usually served cold.


9. Kopi Medan (Sidikalang Arabika coffee)

Indonesia is famous for their coffee and one of that is Sumatra coffee. Sumatra Coffee is known in the world for their good taste, texture and quality. One of coffee from Sumatra is Sidikalang coffee. So, don’t forget to try Sidikalang coffee if you visit Sidikalang area or Medan. Many cafe or restaurant in Medan have served this coffee in their menu. alternatively, you also can buy the Sidikalang coffee package as souvenir.

10. Tuak

Tuak is specialty Batak alcoholic beverage from North Sumatra, Indonesia. Tuak is made from fermentation (brew) of aren or enau tree . Tuak was often served in Batak customary ceremony or traditional events. Beside that, tuak also sold in Batak warung (lapo) and restaurant specialty Batak food in area Toba, Samosir and other area in North Sumatra.





So, that’s top 10 popular drinks originally or traditionally from Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to give it try if you come to North Sumatra. “Travel like locals, Eat like Locals”.^-^ 

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